Quick and Easy High Calorie Burners for Girls Who Want Results ...


Quick  and Easy High Calorie Burners for Girls Who Want Results ...
Quick  and Easy High Calorie Burners for Girls Who Want Results ...

According to Pop Sugar, there are two simple tricks you can use while working out in order to burn more calories than ever before. All you have to do is switch up your exercise routine a little bit, and you'll get big results! Who could say no to that?

The first piece of advice is a treadmill trick. Instead of hopping onto the treadmill and exercising at a fast pace that will tire you out way too early on in your workout, you should try doing intervals.

Here's the way it works: Run on your treadmill at whatever pace you're comfortable with for 10-minutes. Then, once those 10 minutes are up, you should run at a much higher pace for 60-seconds. Then you can go back to your original pace. If you do this, then you'll burn a bunch of calories in a short amount of time.

The next piece of advice involves swapping your weights. Instead of using dumbbells during your workouts, you should replace them with a kettleball.

What's that, you ask? It's a cast-iron weight that's in the shape of a ball. They're a little harder to use than dumbbells are, but once you get the hang of them, you'll burn more calories that you're used to.

Switching up something small in your workout routine can cause big results! Do you have any other little tips that'll help women everywhere burn more calories?

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Why r kettle-balls better?

Yes kettle bells ! I use them all the time ! Great cal burner ! Really gets heart rate up! Intervals are good too ! Cross training is another good work out , mix in some cardio inbetween exercises

Nate dogg still here cause of niggas like me, police still scared cause of niggas like me

@Karena intervals are awesome

Good info, bad structure.

Love this!

Kettle bells are not “better”... and dumbbell would work just as well if not better

Look up HIIT... that’s what you are doing... and please don’t do this everyday. It’s not good for you or your body. Alternate every other day.

Sprinting intervals are awesome too!

Thanks Holly!

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