Here Are 28 Thigh Gap Inspos That Will Make You Want to do Lunges on the Spot ...

By Jennifer

I've worked hard to get my thigh gap, that little space between your legs that usually means you've done more lunges than you can count. If you're working at getting or keeping one, here's a little inspo to give you a little nudge. Lunges! Go!

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1 With Curves, Too

With Curves, Too Source: Day of Photos :: Nicole

2 Ready for a Run

Ready for a Run Source: Should We Workout Before Breakfast

3 Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Source:

4 Motivation

Motivation Source: 40+ Instagram Snaps to Inspire

5 Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs Source: Got Gap

6 Bikini Bod

Bikini Bod Source: A woman's abs are something

7 Rocking Shorts

Rocking Shorts Source: GANGGSTA

8 SelfiE!

SelfiE! Source: I'll Be There

9 Eating Right

Eating Right Source:

10 Woke up like This

Woke up like This Source: Love with passion

11 Beach-Ready

Beach-Ready Source:

12 Little Black Bikini

Little Black Bikini Source: I want to feel as

13 All-around Fit

All-around Fit Source: • girl fitspo perfect skinny

14 In the Bubbles

In the Bubbles

15 Dangerous Curves!

Dangerous Curves!

16 Super Model Inspo

Super Model Inspo

17 At the Beach

At the Beach

18 Besties!

Besties! Source: 20 Inspiring Fitness Girls To

19 Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl Source:

20 Fitspo Streetstyle?

Fitspo Streetstyle? Source: Tips For Better Cardio Workout

21 Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Source: Lazy Girls Guide To Get

22 Sweat It out!

Sweat It out! Source: 9 Habits Of Fit Girls

23 Adidas

Adidas Source: Why and How to exercise

24 Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff Source: Motivational Image Gallery Page 1

25 Fitspo Playlist

Fitspo Playlist Source: FUCK YEAH FITSPO!

26 Rumpled Sheets

Rumpled Sheets Source: Lose the Pooch! The Best

27 Bestie Bikinis!

Bestie Bikinis! Source: 5 Fit Girl's Habits

28 You Can do It!

You Can do It! Source: Fitness Motivation | Royal Fashionist

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You should take this down. Some you can't even see their thighs and most are half naked women showing off their abs. Disappointing post. This is not "inspo" (a ridiculous shortening of the word btw) for women - post something healthy not something that celebs are trending.

To get one** not town

This thigh gap issue is weird. I could starve myself and not achieve one. My hips are too narrow. Size 2 pants. All three of my daughters are narrow hipped as well and I would hate for them to even try for a thigh gap. We would have to be skeletons. I hope this trend blows over quickly!

I must say that I am surprised that AWS would publish an article like this given how ardently body-positive issues are usually championed on here. Whilst I am not knocking the potential health benefits striving for a thigh gap can bring - the basic biological fact that few people can achieve it in a healthy manner can be extremely demeaning to the vast majority of women. Where's the sisterhood?

You are beautiful whether or not you have a thigh gap ladies!!!


And what's worse is not telling us how to possibly "get them". You are just showing us images that make us dislike our selves. I do believe in working out and treating your body well but, these don't promote healthiness, they promote self hate. You can tone your legs and possibly make them thinner...IF you want to. But, if you look at these pictures and you don't know what to do to achieve a "thigh gap" then you will most likely turn to something very very unhealthy. And that is the sorry thing about this post.

What a really silly article

Is this an actual post?! Lololol

I like this website but some of the content regarding fitness inspiration bothers me. And this is from someone with a natural thigh gap here. It's not jealously or disgust. A post a few days ago also contained some questionable diet quotes.

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