Here Are 28 Thigh Gap Inspos That Will Make You Want to do Lunges on the Spot ...


I've worked hard to get my thigh gap, that little space between your legs that usually means you've done more lunges than you can count. If you're working at getting or keeping one, here's a little inspo to give you a little nudge. Lunges! Go!

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With Curves, Too

With Curves, Too Source: Day of Photos :: Nicole

Ready for a Run

Ready for a Run Source: Should We Workout Before Breakfast

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Oh, honey, it's like the latest thing everyone's chatting about! A thigh gap is that little space between the thighs that some folks are totally gaga over. They think it's super cute and sexy, so it's kinda become this big beauty and fitness trend, you know?

For sure! Lunges are like this kick-butt exercise that totally works your thighs, butt, and even your core. Stick with 'em and you might just see that gap start to show. But remember, we're all built differently, so for some gals, getting a thigh gap might be a bit harder due to their natural body shape.

Absolutely! Look, having or not having a thigh gap is, like, waaaay down on the list of what makes you amazing. It's just one look and not having one doesn't mean you're not stunning. Rock what you got, girl!

You've hit the nail on the head! So much pressure is put on looking a certain way because of these pictures we see online. It's key to remember that thigh gaps can be about genetics and bone structure, not just fitness. So don't sweat it if your body is set up a bit different. You're gorgeous just as you are!

Girl, focus on being healthy and happy! Exercise for strength, endurance, and feeling amazing. Eat those yummy greens and don't forget to treat yourself too. A balanced life is way cooler than just aiming for a thigh gap. You do you, and that's when you shine the brightest!


Perfect 10

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Motivation Source: 40+ Instagram Snaps to Inspire

Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs Source: Got Gap

Bikini Bod

Bikini Bod Source: A woman's abs are something

Rocking Shorts

Rocking Shorts Source: GANGGSTA


SelfiE! Source: I'll Be There

Eating Right

Eating Right Source:

Woke up like This

Woke up like This Source: Love with passion


Beach-Ready Source:

Little Black Bikini

Little Black Bikini Source: I want to feel as

All-around Fit

All-around Fit Source: • girl fitspo perfect skinny

In the Bubbles

In the Bubbles

Dangerous Curves!

Dangerous Curves!

Many women look at the smooth, uninterrupted line of a thigh gap as a symbol of fitness and elegance. Those curves signify a sculpted physique obtained through dedicated exercise and healthy living. When you see the gentle inward slope of well-toned thighs, it's natural to feel a surge of motivation. But remember, while it's great to have fitness goals, it's essential to pursue them responsibly. Embrace the journey towards health and strength, and if a thigh gap comes naturally, consider it a bonus to your overall wellness. Squats and lunges might just become your new best friends on this endeavor!


Super Model Inspo

Super Model Inspo

At the Beach

At the Beach


Besties! Source: 20 Inspiring Fitness Girls To

Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl Source:

Fitspo Streetstyle?

Fitspo Streetstyle? Source: Tips For Better Cardio Workout

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Source: Lazy Girls Guide To Get

Sweat It out!

Sweat It out! Source: 9 Habits Of Fit Girls


Adidas Source: Why and How to exercise

Adidas is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world, after Nike. Adidas has been a major player in the fashion industry since its founding in 1924 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler. The company's iconic three stripes logo is recognized around the world and is featured on a variety of products, including shoes, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Adidas has also become a leader in the athleisure trend, with its popular line of Boost sneakers and comfy joggers. In addition to its fashion line, Adidas has also been a major sponsor of many sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.


Hot Stuff

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Imagine slipping into your favorite pair of skinny jeans and feeling that extra bit of room, empowering you to stride with confidence. This visual might just be the nudge you need to start your lunge routine right now. With every lunge, you're not only paving the way towards that sought-after thigh gap, but you're also toning your legs, boosting overall stamina, and enhancing your body's balance. It’s about embracing health and strength, and that sizzling sensation you'll feel in your thighs? That's the sign of progress and hot results coming your way.


Fitspo Playlist

Fitspo Playlist Source: FUCK YEAH FITSPO!

Rumpled Sheets

Rumpled Sheets Source: Lose the Pooch! The Best

Bestie Bikinis!

Bestie Bikinis! Source: 5 Fit Girl's Habits

You Can do It!

You Can do It! Source: Fitness Motivation | Royal Fashionist

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And, if you have thigh gap that you aren't working to have.. Consider yourself lucky I guess if that's what you like, but it ain't normal.

@terry.. No one is saying they are not good in the inside! And I think most comments are not out if jealousy- just their opinion! Hopefully there are enough opinions on these discussion boards where a person can make their own informed decision! Most of these women in these pics are probably no more than 18/19 years old.. Most women were skinny, with a thigh gap, and their head looked too big for their body... HOWEVER, most women mature and fill out and never again have that teenage thigh gap!

Thigh gaps are physically not possible for everyone. This is appalling. Delete this post it's disgusting!!

I can't believe that this is posted on here...thigh gap is a ridiculous measure of health and fitness, and its really disappointing to see such an ignorant article on here.

Is this a joke?

This thigh gap issue is weird. I could starve myself and not achieve one. My hips are too narrow. Size 2 pants. All three of my daughters are narrow hipped as well and I would hate for them to even try for a thigh gap. We would have to be skeletons. I hope this trend blows over quickly!

This is an insulting post. Women are beautiful regardless if they have thigh gaps or not. No woman should be inspired to have a thigh gap. I'm all for being healthy fit and happy. But this is just mentally degrading to women.

I don't like this article:/

Why are we so bent on looking like a 16 year old??

Totally dug this app until this article. Why is this even something to write about?! Educate my mind, broaden my views on life, not try to get me to worry about a fucking thigh gap. This article is just tasteless.

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