Boost Your Booty with This 6 Minute Workout ...


Boost Your Booty with This 6 Minute  Workout ...
Boost Your Booty with This 6 Minute  Workout ...

Thanks to Kim K, we all want a perfect booty. If you're not happy with the way yours looks, then you can check out Cosmopolitan's website, which has a series of videos that'll teach you how to get your best butt ever.

Interested? If you are, then check out the video down below, which will show you a few moves that you should perform for sixty seconds each. If you do them often enough, then you'll have the most gorgeous butt around.

With these moves, you'll have a butt that's even more beautiful than usual! What exercises do you usually do when you want to work out your booty?

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Do these work?

Kim K...really? Before her, black women and some women of color have had, still have some of the most sought after bootylicious....without working out. Geez!! Consider tweaking your first paragraph just a bit. Nonetheless, great ideas.

lol Queen Bey Taylor and Buffie & millions more sterotype much ! To be that tainted is sad !

@Taylor Brooke You sound ignorant, you probably are. I don't even know why you have to be mad... Why take it that far? And FYI Black women have naturally toned bodies and butts. You need to stop believing the hype!

I was just like "No." after reading the first sentence. What tf is a "perfect booty" anyways? We need to stop this ridiculous trend of wanting a big butt because you won't get one by working out. Do you want to know how to really get a "perfect booty"? Take care of yourself and rock your big or small butt the way it is. Peace out ✌🏽

You act as though there’s something wrong with having cellulite

I got a natural bootylicious booty and I'm not black I'm Indian

@Taylor Brooke why don't you like black people? Why do you feel that you must generalize? A lot of black people do have sense.

omg why post your ass that goss

K k looked better before all the work

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