How to Motivate 👏🏼 Yourself to Work out 💪🏼 Early in the Morning ☀️ ...

As you are debating on going back to sleep or rising for the day; get up and get going to get your workout in. There is no time like the early morning to get your workout in because it is rare that a 5am appointment will deter from your workout session. And dinner plans never will derail your morning workout. And you will get a head start on the day which will make you feel like you have an edge on your competitors. So get up bright an early, get that body moving and get your fitness session on. I promise you the only regret you will ever have is if you decide to sleep in.

1. Get to Bed Early

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If you get to bed early it will be much easier to get up bright and early tomorrow. If you want to be the early bird that gets her sweat on, hit the hay early. Your body will thank you as you burst out of bed with a spring in your step rather than feeling lethargic. I find that my early morning workout sessions are literally my favorite part of the day!

2. Get on a Schedule

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Get on a daily schedule of early morning workouts so it becomes a ritual. After a short time your body will actually crave the routine of exercise in the morning. And before long your day will seem incomplete if you do not start it with a workout. This is the best way to be because this is just the way to get motivated in the wee hours of the morning!

3. Make Fitness Plans

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Join a workout class like Bootcamp, hire a trainer or call a friend to make early morning fitness plans. Do this for just one month and you will be amazed at how it becomes a new healthy habit in your life. And then there is no turning back, you will become a morning exerciser!

4. Lay out Your Clothes in Advance

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I always lay out my exercise clothes the night before so I am never having to scramble in the early morning. This will help you to avoid derailing your workout because you could not find your exercise clothes in the morning.

5. Just do It

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Okay so maybe you had a late night and you are not feeling waking up early? Or maybe you are groggy this morning. That does not mean you should throw in the towel and give yourself a break today, Life is all about pushing yourself to achieve more. So just do it and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve!

6. Reward Yourself when You do

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Set a goal of waking up 5 days a week bright and early. If you meet your goal, at the end of week reward yourself with a pretty manicure. You deserve to reward yourself for your discipline and also stay on track to continue. Every early morning step that you take will be a step towards achieving your goal, so keep going!

7. Find a Motivation

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What motivates you to want to exercise and get in shape? Maybe it's a really fit looking celebrity or a photo of you when you were younger and in better shape. Whatever it is, use that to motivate you to get up and get moving in the morning.

8. Healthy Eating Schedule

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To have the energy to get up and get moving, you have to eat the right foods. Some ladies eat before a morning workout and others wait until they are done exercising. Either way, choose a meal or snack that has protein and complex carbohydrates. A smoothie bowl, oatmeal with skim milk and fruit, yogurt with fruit or a hard boiled egg with whole wheat toast are all great options.

9. Choose Motivating Music

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Working out without music is hard to do. Take some time to create a playlist that makes you want to get moving and save it for your morning workouts. Be sure to include songs you really like so that you look forward to putting on your headphones and getting your body going firs thing in the morning.

10. Tell Everyone Your Plans

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It's hard to back out of something when everyone expects you to do it. Even if you prefer a solo workout, share your goals and inspirations on social media. Not only will this give your friends a chance to encourage you, but it helps hold you accountable and keeps you on track.

So rise, shine and get your sweat on for today so you can achieve your fitness and health goals!

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