How to Motivate 👏🏼 Yourself to Work out 💪🏼 Early in the Morning ☀️ ...

As you are debating on going back to sleep or rising for the day; get up and get going to get your workout in. There is no time like the early morning to get your workout in because it is rare that a 5am appointment will deter from your workout session. And dinner plans never will derail your morning workout. And you will get a head start on the day which will make you feel like you have an edge on your competitors. So get up bright an early, get that body moving and get your fitness session on. I promise you the only regret you will ever have is if you decide to sleep in.

1. Get to Bed Early

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If you get to bed early it will be much easier to get up bright and early tomorrow. If you want to be the early bird that gets her sweat on, hit the hay early. Your body will thank you as you burst out of bed with a spring in your step rather than feeling lethargic. I find that my early morning workout sessions are literally my favorite part of the day!

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