These Are the Habits of Girls with Killer Abs ...

We’ve all experienced ab envy at some time or other.

That’s when you see someone who is killing it with the planks and crunches and has the perfect lady six pack on her belly.

You too can achieve that look by stealing some of the habits that girls with killer abs seem to have.

Wondering what those habits are?

You’ve come to the right place.

Make these steps a part of your routine and you can have the abs that make the other girls jealous too, courtesy of the experts at Woman’s Day magazine.

1. They do High Intensity Interval Training a Couple of Times Each Week

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Strength training is massively important for carving out the abs you want, but to really uncover those muscles you have to burn off the fat that lies on top.

By doing plenty of cardio, you burn calories and fat so that you don’t have a ring of flab around your middle.

Experts suggest a couple of sessions that include high intensity interval training to really up the benefits.