10 Serious Ways for Girls to Slim Their Abs Forever ...


10 Serious Ways for Girls to Slim Their Abs Forever ...
10 Serious Ways for Girls to Slim Their Abs Forever ...

If you want seriously slim and sexy abs, there are certain things that you can do on the daily. Exercise and healthy eating are obvious, but just what else can you do? Well you can start your day with lean protein to set the stage for making healthy eating choices, do a cardio routine, add resistance and even boost results by adding a double workout in several days a week. But to see the best results make sure you ditch the junk food and cook your own meals. There is no better security than cooking your own meals and controlling the ingredients that you add. And by making these choices you can have some seriously slim abs forever!

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Start Your Day with Protein

clothing, child, dress, THE, LENDER, By starting your day with lean protein like a shake or eggs, you will boost your metabolism and also help set the stage for a super healthy day. Protein has been proven to control cravings and help you feel satisfied so starting the day with this essential nutrient is smart. And this is a major step in helping you to have slim abs forever!


Get Your Cardio in on the Daily

person, human action, sports, physical fitness, physical exercise, Cardio is key to shredding your stomach and seeing the definition you are dying to achieve. So get your sweat on daily with a great cardio workout. Just remind yourself as you are exercising you get out what you put in so give it all you got!


Add Resistance

human action, physical fitness, sport venue, boxing ring, weight training, Simply adding weights or even body weight exercises can go a long way in helping you to sculpt your abdominal muscles. And since there is no spot removal, there is no need to just add weighted abdominal exercises, you should focus on the entire body. This will boost your metabolism and as a result bring you the lean sexy abs you are longing to achieve!


Go for Double Workouts

clothing, hair, hairstyle, black hair, outerwear, A double workout has many benefits like boosting your metabolism, burning more calories and helping you to slim down! I find on the days of my double workouts I have a surge of energy throughout the day. There are no dips in energy and this is a tremendous way to get in better shape.


Eat Small Healthy Meals

dish, meal, food, eating, produce, As much as we love to eat every speck of food of our plate at dinner, get out of this horrible habit. Eat 5-7 small mini meals never bigger that what can fit on a salad plate. This will make it much easier on your body and digestion and help you to slim down your abs forever!


Stop Eating Junk

meal, dish, food, bento, lunch, As much as the junk food tastes great and feeds our emotions, this literally does nothing but hurt our body and health. So make a change and ban junk food from your life. If you stay strong your body will thank you will great results and slim, sexy abs forever!


Limit Your Dining out

meal, produce, food, plant, fruit, Who does not love being waiting on and having someone else cook their meal? Most certainly this is a treat for me, but there are many downsides to dining out. When you dine out you have zero control over the ingredients that are added. Is there too much salt, fat or other ingredients that do not benefit your health? Make the better choices and limit your dining out experiences. This will help you to slim down and achieve super sexy abs and you will feel way better each day. One more bonus is with limited dining out experiences you will cherish the few times you do eat out.


Cut Carbs

hair, clothing, blond, hairstyle, head, The quickest way to burn belly fat and keep it off is by eliminating or severely reducing carbs. A great way to start this is by eliminating refined carbs (white bread, pasta, etc) and making sure protein intake is high. Studies have shown a drastically significant weight loss difference in those who went low carb vs those who ate low fat. Plus, low carb has been shown to remove the dangerous abdominal fat that builds up around essential organs.


Up the Fiber

human action, person, human positions, sitting, beauty, Fiber is essential when you're looking to get and keep your abs. It reduces bloating and has even been linked to reducing belly fat itself. Fiber keeps you regular which prevents buildup in your intestines which will cause bloating and hide your abs.


Keep Stress to a Minimum

hair, face, blond, hairstyle, long hair, Stress is the leading cause of visceral (belly) fat among most people. Stress causes the body to produce cortisol which drives your body to store fat-mainly in the mid section. Practice yoga or meditation to help lower your cortisol levels and help your body fight that stubborn fat that's hiding your abs.

So get serious by taking a page from my book to follow these tips and achieve the amazing abdominal results. Today is the day to start making your dreams into reality.

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I am an emotional eater :(

It's really nice to have slim abs forever but what is hard is to control eating foods especially when they are delicious.

I thought this was more exercise !!

Is it true that it is healthy to go one day a week without meat?

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