7 Most Effective ✋🏼 Moves All Fit Girls Have Mastered 🏅 ...


If you are fit you are probably accustomed to working out regularly with a series of exercises that target various muscle groups.

As a personal trainer, I utilize these moves with my clients and also in my personal fitness regime.

If you know these moves you probably have performed them on a regular basis and it is likely you have mastered them.

In a routine, you go through these exercises performing each in the most effective manner because your form is perfect.

And you are a fit mastermind.

You love these effective moves because they work.

Take a page from my book and check out what I think are the 7 most effective moves:

1. Crunch

For as long as I can remember the crunch has been regarded as an effective move for strengthening and toning your middle.

Combine this move with healthy eating and you will be sure to achieve incredible results.

Just tighten your muscles as you perform each crunch and feel the amazing burn!

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