Praiseworthy Workout Tips for Lazy Girls ...


Praiseworthy Workout Tips for Lazy Girls ...
Praiseworthy Workout Tips for Lazy Girls ...

If you are not really into working out, some may even call you lazy, then these tips are just for you. You may have days you are tired and just not into exercise. And you keep exercise low on your list of daily priorities. Well lazy girl, as a certified trainer, I get it because I help to motivate many like you on the daily. I even have my lazy moments, but with these tips, I will help you to push yourself and stay on top f your game so you can get in your best shape!

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Push Yourself

human action, person, human positions, structure, room, Tired and not feeling that into exercise today? Well it just may be time to give yourself a needed push. If you push yourself and start working out, you will be so glad you did. And since a body in motion likes to stay in motion, once you get going, you may not want to stop.


Always Drink the Clear Clean Liquid

drink, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, alcohol, bottle, Staying hydrated in one of the keys to having a more efficient metabolic rate and also fueling your workout, so drink up. Drink 8-10 glasses of water for your health and your skin will even be clearer as a result! Cheers to your health!


Never Give up

active undergarment, clothing, muscle, arm, sports uniform, On days when you are nestled so comfortable in your bed and the last thing you want to do is get up, just remember to never give up. You get out what you give so lace up your sneakers and get out for your best workout starting today. Feel lazy no more because exercise will give you a boost of energy!


Stay Positive

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, underpants, swimwear, If you are feeling down in the dumps and nothing seems to be going your way, stay positive because positive people produce positive results. If you see the best in what life throws at you, good will keep coming. Positivity is surely the key to a successful and satisfied life. So stop looking at how far you have to go to your fitness goal and be thankful you got up today to work out.


Remember Every Bit Counts

human action, person, fitness professional, human positions, arm, Ten minutes of cardio is a step in the right direction to achieving results. So instead of harboring on yourself of getting down being lazy and not doing more, be proud of what you have done. Because every bit of fitness that you do is totally praiseworthy!


Break up Your Workout

clothing, person, active undergarment, muscle, thigh, A busy day with loads of computer work may have you feeling quite discouraged but keep your head up and feel free to break up your workout. 10 minutes in the morning and 20 at night is a step in the right direction to achieving your goals. Step by step, you can so do this!


Keep Track to Keep Going

finger, arm, hand, leg, brand, Wearing a wireless fitness tracker like the Fitbit is like having a personal trainer with you daily. Use this instant feedback to push you to do more and give up on your lazy days. Set a daily goal of steps and active fitness minutes so you better your health an even look better in the process.

So be lazy never again, because the proof is in your daily changes for the better. You only have one life so it is time to live it right and be the extraordinary girl that you are!

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