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If you're always slouching, you could end up ruining your spine.

Since that's an important part of your body that you don't want to damage, there are certain workouts you should do to keep your body running smoothly.

Anyone who has a habit of slouching in their seat should do these exercises to keep their back and spine healthy:

1. Prone Chest Arch Raise

You should start by resting facedown on your stomach with your hands by your side.

Then you should raise your chest and head off of the ground.

Hold that position for ten seconds and then put your head and chest back down again.

Just make sure that you don't end up hurting your back and spine, because the exercise is meant to help them.

If you're in pain at any time, then put your workout on hold.

2. Spine Stretch Forward

For this stretch, you should sit with your legs extended in front of you.2

Place those legs shoulder-width apart, and then place your arms straight out in front of you.

Then you should reach forward just a little bit while you place your chin against your chest.2

3. Opposite Arm and Leg Raises

This exercise helps strengthen multiple areas of your body.

Start by resting on your stomach and lifting up your opposite arm and leg.2

Then you should repeat the move on the other side of your body.

Repeat those moves ten times in a row, and then get on your knees and do the same thing from your new position.

4. Cat Curl Yoga Stretch

Relaxing yoga poses can help your body just as much as intense exercises can.

For the cat curl, you should start on your hands and knees, and then you should curve your back while pushing your nose toward your pelvis.

Then you should arch your back while lifting your head.

Pelvic Tilt
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