7 Exercises for Back Fat ...


Did you know there are exercises for back fat so that you can help eliminate this trouble zone?

All of us ladies dread the fat that seems to creep up under our bra strap, but have no fear!

These exercises will strengthen and target these muscles that would not have gotten worked had you not paid attention to them.

And aside from looking good, strengthening these muscles is important in bettering your posture, which will make you appear even leaner.

Women most often neglect focus on their back because they do not know how to work this or they assume back exercises are only for men.

So let me share with you the exercises for back fat so that you can start seeing results:

1. Pushups

Whether you have done pushups all your life or you are just starting out, it is important to focus on form to master this basic move.

The pushup may look simple but the results it can give you are anything but simple.

So master this power exercise to eliminate back fat.2

This is one of the best exercises for back fat because it works your chest and back!

2. Triceps Dips

To eliminate back fat and strengthen your triceps, perform some triceps dips.

I love this effective exercise for toning the upper body.

But make sure you eat healthy and get plenty of cardio to see the best results!

3. Chin Ups

Chin ups, where palms face you, target the biceps more than the back and shoulders, or you can perform pull ups, which are more challenging but target more of your back.

This is a great exercise you can do in the comfort of your home or even at a park jungle gym.

Start out with just 1 and build up to 10!

Upward Rows
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