7 Fantastic Exercises Using Resistance Bands ...


7 Fantastic Exercises Using Resistance Bands ...
7 Fantastic Exercises Using Resistance Bands ...

Exercises using resistance bands are great for travel as they are easy to pack and an effective way to increase the intensity of your fitness routine. Push your body to the next level by purchasing a pack of varying level resistance bands and be ready for the challenge. Start with the lower resistance band and work your way up to a higher resistance. Are you ready to give it a go? Then here are some exercises using resistance bands:

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Front Squat

One of the best exercises using resistance bands is the squat. Using resistance bands can increase the challenge and help you to achieve results in a shorter amount of time. Focus on tightening those abs and lowering your body down into a squat while standing on the resistance band. To work your upper body as well, perform a bicep curl while doing this. Perform 3 sets of 18.


Bent over Row

To work your upper back and avoid having excess skin, tone with these upward rows. This exercise will challenge you and you can see results in just a few weeks, so hurry and get rowing for results! Perform 3 sets of 12.


Standing Chest Press

To work your pectoral muscles and tone your upper body, perform the standing chest press. This exercise can make your chest appear larger and help you to gain strength for simple things like carrying groceries. Perform 3 sets of 12 for great results.



To vary your traditional pushups and increase the intensity, the resistance push up is an ultra-effective exercise. I like this exercise because after doing this, regular pushups are a cinch. And this exercise can help you achieve results in a quicker time frame! Aim for 1 set of 15, and work your way to more!


Tricep Kickback

Exercise bands are a great way to work your body in a different way. Tricep kickbacks with resistance bands are great because they do just this and for those who feel tired of the same workouts, this can be just the motivational tool that you need! Work your way up to 3 sets of 18.


Bicep Curl

We all want sexy sculpted arms that will look great in sleeveless tanks but we don’t want to exercise endless hours to achieve this. Now with just 3 sets of 18 you can achieve this. Use resistance bands to challenge you and as you get stronger increase to a more challenging band. This is a great isolation exercise that can help you to achieve the results that you desire!


Reverse Crunch

This hip raise crunch is certainly challenging but it can be just what your abs need to achieve the results you have been longing for. So begin with one set of 18 and work your way up to 3 sets. This is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. Make sure you tighten your abs just like with any exercise and be ready to work for results. And also make sure you live by clean eating because this combined with exercise will give you dream results.

So are you ready to add a little resistance? Then head to a local fitness store or order fitness resistance bands online to work to achieve your best body!

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