Don't Let a Lack of Space Keep You from Exercising ...


So are you feeling cramped and looking for exercises you can do in small spaces? There are many exercises you can do in your living room, dorm room or anywhere else you can find the space. You do not need a lot of space, just the energy to push yourself to make the most out of your workout. And if you decide to exercise at home, you will never have to worry about a high priced gym membership or losing the motivation as you drive to the gym. So are you ready to get moving? Then here are the exercises you can do in small spaces:

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Jumping Jacks

One of the most timeless exercises used in Bootcamp training that is both effective and fun is the jumping jack. This is one of the greatest exercises you can do in small spaces. And this is a total body exercise with no equipment needed! They can also be an effective cardio workout when performed non-stop. So aim for 20 minutes of jumping jacks and to vary the upper body muscles being worked, switch your arms from overhead shoulders, to butterflies, to 90 degree shoulders. And have fun!


Weighted Pushups

Assume a pushup position with your arms a little further than shoulder width apart and use 3-8 pound dumbbells in your hands. You can do push bicep curl, upward rows or even tricep kickbacks to up the intensity in your workouts. And aside from the challenge of these exercises, this is great because you can break the boredom of doing the same pushups you regularly perform! Are you ready for the challenge? Then perform 3 sets of 10!


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a major calorie burner that can leave you burning over 350 calories in just 30 minutes, but you will work for it. And if you have a lack of space, then try ghost jumping, which is simply jumping in place mimicking the rope, minus the rope. Work your way to a leaner, slimmer and stronger body while jumping the calories away!


Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are great because they are an effective way to work your larger and smaller groups without the need for any equipment. Use your body weight as the resistance to help you develop stronger, leaner muscles. As seen in the video, bodyweight exercises are moves like the lunge, plank and squat.


Resistance Training

As the video tells you, to burn more calories, you want to build muscle. This will help you to burn fat faster and feel great! Becoming stronger will also help your posture so you look even lighter. Begin with just 3 pound weights and build up to more. Never be afraid of lifting weights again and achieve the body of your dreams!


Core Work

Core work is ultra-important in preventing injury, building the strength in your abs and increasing your athletic performance. Your goal should be to perform 3 sets of 10 of the exercises in this video and never perform for more than 4 days a week. You abdominal muscles need rest just as any other muscle would. And remember, diet is the number one determining factor of lean abs, while the next determinant is genetics.



Okay this video is a bit of extreme spinning but you get the point. If you can put a fraction of this energy into your own spinning workouts, you will see amazing results. Spinning is a great way to work your larger half, strengthen, tone and see incredible results. Aim for 45 minutes of spinning and spin your way thin without needing a lot of space!

Hope you enjoyed these workouts that you can perform right in your own small space. You deserve to be fit, so start out by making a change right in your space today! Are you ready to achieve amazing results?

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