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Despite what many say, there are times it's okay to skip a workout. You won't instantly lose all your hard work if you skip a workout sometimes. Whether you're simply too busy one day or just don't feel good, you shouldn't beat yourself for not exercising every single day. Give yourself a break during these times it's okay to skip a workout. Sometimes we all need a break.

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One of the best times it's okay to skip a workout is when you're sick. A common rule is if the symptoms go below your neck, you should save your workout until you're better. For instance, if you're congested and coughing, exercising is just going to make you cough harder. If you truly don't feel good, take some time to rest. At the very least, reduce the intensity of your workout to conserve energy for fighting off your illness.


Physical Injury

While this one should be obvious, I've seen far too many people still try to do their full workout while nursing an injury. Sprains, pulled muscles, broken bones and pinched nerves don't mean you need to keep exercising. Only do exercises that don't cause any further damage or pain. If that's not possible, give yourself some time to heal. You can get back to working out when you're healed.


Lack of Sleep

If you're running on empty, it might be better to take a nap than exercise. You need sleep to give you the necessary energy for a great workout. You'll get less results and struggle throughout the workout when you're tired. If you find you aren't getting much sleep at all or you're sleeping, but still feel tired, you might need to see a doctor to find out if there's an underlying problem.


After Major Athletic Events

Odds are, you've pushed yourself daily leading up to any major athletic event or competition. Whether it's a marathon or obstacle course, it's perfectly okay to give yourself a much needed day off. Think of it as your reward for sticking to your goals. Not only does your body need a rest day, but you need a day to simply relax as well. Plan a day out with friends instead.


Busy Schedule

Some days are truly too hectic to fit in a good workout. As long as this doesn't happen on a regular basis, it's fine to skip the workout to give yourself more time to get other things done. Maybe your best friend is in town for the weekend and you had to get everything ready for a welcome home party along with studying for a big final. Don't add more stress to an already too busy day.


Severe Soreness

Being sore is normal after a new workout or after increasing the intensity of your workout. Feeling severely sore or noticing delayed soreness is usually a sign of an injury. If you're truly in too much pain to exercise, give yourself a few days to recover. Working out with delayed onset soreness (DOMS) or immediate severe soreness could result in more damage to your body. Plus, when you're too sore, you don't have the same range of motion, making the workout less effective. Opt for a relaxing day soaking in the bathtub or treat yourself to a massage.


After Other Activities

Have you already been active today? Maybe it was a nice day and you walked to school or work instead of driving. Maybe you plan to dance the night away with friends. If you already have plenty of physical activity planned for the day, it's okay to skip your usual workout. You're still working your body and burning calories. It's not so much about what you do as long as you're staying active.

Don't feel guilty if you have to skip the occasional workout. It happens to everyone. When you're able, start back with your normal routine. What other times do you have to skip workouts?

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Hmm i always do a workout during period week, even if it's gentle exercise! Don't be lazy ladies!

Hirah, wanted to write that 😉 Thought for sure it will be one of the first one!!

I agree with Isabella

During periods aswell

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