7 Exercises That Target Your Glutes ...


Want to know the exercises to target your glutes? We all want great glutes so that our jeans fit better, our bathing suit does not sag on our butt and we can make our partner drool. And aside from the visual appealing benefits of great glutes, having strong glutes can help us to prevent an injury down the road. So how do you achieve this perfect butt? Well you have to start with exercises to target your glutes:

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The squat is one of the most effective exercises to target your glutes so try the great 100 rep squat challenge in this video. This video has 10 repetitions of 10 different squat variations to work your glutes and legs. This is great to help you to avoid workout boredom and challenge yourself to great results. So drop that body down and squat your way to a wonderful day!


One Leg Dead Lift

To target your hamstrings, glutes and core, perform 3 sets of 18 one leg dead lifts. Although it may feel like a stretch when performing this exercise, this move produces great results in lifting and shaping your rear. And the best part is that you can see and feel the difference in your jeans in a matter of weeks!


Exercise Bands

Feel the burn by following this video utilizing exercise bands to target your glutes. Form is essential in getting the most out of your workout so tighten your glutes and keep a straight back when performing these exercises. You will immediately feel yourself working your glutes as these moves challenge you.


Functional Fitness

Perform these 3 functional exercises to work your glutes, strengthen your core and improve your posture. Aside from achieving a butt that will look great in your favorite skinny jeans, functional fitness is all about feeling great and reducing a risk of injury. So follow these great exercises so that you can achieve all of this.


10 Minute Thigh and Glutes Workouts

If you want to achieve great results in just 10 minutes a day, perform this great thigh and glute workout. Make sure you perform these exercises slowly and tighten your glutes. This workout will help you to tone and strengthen to prevent injury. So what are you waiting for, get started!


15 Minute Butt Lift

Perform this video 3 times a week to target your butt and hamstrings. If you follow this video to the tee you will feel the burn both during and after the workout. Be sore or be sorry that you did not finish this workout and get started on earning your dream body! There is nothing more motivating than seeing and feeling the difference.


Ten Minute Glutes

Perform this workout for 3 days a week and run on the off days so that you can slim down, strengthen and sculpt your body. If you want to target your glutes even more, add resistance bands when performing this video.

So tell me do you love this great group of workouts that can help you get your best body? Well get up and get started to work to achieve your dream body. Stop dreaming and start doing!

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I love them! Very simple and explanatory! Thank you!

I need to do these. Thank you.

Awesome!! Thank you so much! It's time to turn my pancakes into buns lol

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