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Want to learn some great exercises to stretch your back? The lower back is one of the areas of the body that is most often ignored in fitness training. And as the saying goes, if you do not use it, you lose it. Ignoring the lower back can be a disservice and can cause problems down the road. In fact, lower back injuries occur most frequently for this reason, so start making a change and be proactive today. There is no way to ignore it when you are in pain, so don’t allow yourself to get in this state and be proactive by integrating great exercises to stretch your lower back! Lower back strain is often a result of tight hips and hamstrings, so it is ultra-important to stretch out these areas. To begin, try these great exercises to stretch your back:

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Runner’s Stretch

The runner’s stretch, or runner’s lunge, is one of the most effective exercises to stretch your back and decrease lower back strain. This exercise increases flexibility of the larger muscle groups while helping to prevent lower back injury. So make this part of your daily stretching!


Straight Leg Stretch

To stretch your hamstrings and lower back, perform the straight leg stretch. Tight hamstrings can lower back tightness so it is important to stretch out your hams. I find that after stretching, I not only have more flexibility but just feel more relaxed!



Stretch out your lower back with this great exercise, often performed in pilates and yoga. This is a great stretch because it can release tension and just make you feel at ease! I usually perform this stretch after doing all my abdominal exercises. And so should you!


Both Knee to Chest Stretch

By bringing both legs in and hugging your legs, you will perform a knee to chest stretch. This stretch will help alleviate stress in the hamstrings and lower back. This exercise can help you to lower risk of an injury because of the increase in flexibility that it provides. So hug your legs to a happy, relaxed back!



Increase your back and core strength with the Superman exercise. This exercise will help you not only strengthen your core but increase your level of flexibility. Just make sure not to do this exercise for more than a few minutes daily or you can overdo it!


Cat Stretch

The cat stretch is a great exercise to both stretch and strengthen your lower back. The more often you perform the stretch, the greater your flexibility. So aim for one cat stretch a day to lower your pain or possibly even eliminate this!


Bridge Stretch

Often exercisers feel tightness in their lower back during or after their workouts, so you want to make sure you stretch this. A bridge stretch is a great way to open up your hips and stretch out your lower back. Just make sure you slowly raise your body up. Hold for a few seconds and you will notice less tension in your lower back!

Hope you can utilize all these great lower back exercises to stretch, strengthen and eliminate lower back pain! So tell me, what is your favorite lower back stretch? Wishing you good health, happiness and a great life, free of injuries and lower back pain!

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