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7 Exercises to Get You Hot for the Holidays ...

By Tara

Are you dying to know how you can look hot for the holidays? Want to attain a smaller waist, a tighter tummy and a more sculpted butt? Well, you are not alone, because most people turn to weight loss plans before holiday time in the hope of looking great for parties. Few actually achieve this because they turn to restrictive eating plans rather than a combination of healthy eating and the right exercises. So what are the right exercises you may ask? Here are the exercises to get you hot for the holidays (and healthier too!).

1 Squat Challenge

If you want to get hot for the holidays and beyond, get ready to conquer a great booty challenge! Perform the squat challenge for 3 and a half minutes like in the video and you will be hot for the holidays in no time!

2 One Legged Squat

Follow this video and perform 3 sets of 18 of the one leg squat to help you get hot for the holidays or any upcoming event. The one leg squat exercise isolates the larger muscles of each leg individually so this exercise will help you to tone and sculpt your lower body. If you become stronger and are able to perform this exercise without leaning on to anything, do so to challenge yourself even more!

3 Plank

To strengthen and tighten your shoulders, back and abs, perform the plank exercise. This exercise may look simple but it will challenge and change your body tremendously. Just make sure to engage your abs when performing this exercise for the best results. Aim for 40 seconds on the first day and work your way up to a 2 minute plank for 4 days per week.

4 Running

Learn from the certified running coach in this video how to run with proper technique and get the most out of your running workouts. Running is a super effective workout to chisel your total body and get in your best shape. So get up and get out the door or on the treadmill. Start with a 10 minute run and add 5 minutes each time until you reach one hour.

5 In the Pool

The pool is the perfect place to do your workout and avoid workout boredom. So perform the 5 exercises shown in the video at your gym pool to get you hot for holidays and feel great! The best part about this workout is that no swimming is required!

6 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the highest calorie burning exercise so get ready to jump to the best shape of your life! Follow this 10 minute jumping rope workout to get fit and fab for the holidays. Just remember to start out slowly and do what you can.

7 Hula Hooping

Burn calories while you have a blast finding your inner child. When doing hula hoop just make sure you tighten your core so you can whittle your waist down. Burn calories and get in your best shape hula hooping!

With all these great workouts, it is time to get up and ready to challenge yourself to get in your best shape. Are you ready for the challenge?

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