7 Exercises to Trim Your Waist & Give You an Hourglass Figure ...

Recently a reader contacted us with a request for exercises to trim your waist so of course I could not resist but share the answer. After all, as a trainer and health writer, this is my life and passion. So let me share with you that there is no secret, magic potion or specific exercise that will answer all your abdominal troubles. But do not be discouraged because there is a combination of exercises and things you can do that can have you feeling satisfied with your mid- section. In fact if you follow this list of exercises to trim your waist and eat healthy, you will whittle your waist to wonderful results:

1. Running

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Running is one of the best ways to whittle that waist away and slim down overall. Why? Running helps you to burn a large number of calories in a short amount of time. Since there is no exercise that will cause spot removal, the key to give you an hourglass figure is reduce your body fat through exercises like running. If you are not a runner, start out with speed walking and work your way up to running. I promise it will be well worth it because running is one of the best exercises to trim your waist!

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