7 Ways for Slow Girls 🐢 to Speed up 🐯 Their Fitness Moves ...

If you feel like you are moving at a slow pace, it is time to speed it up so you can achieve incredible results. If you bump it up you can burn more calories in a short time frame and have a blast in the process. You have to learn to go, go, go and stop being slow! You will get a natural high from the accomplishment and just feel better. There are certain things you can do to increase the intensity and duration of your workout sessions so you can burn plenty of calories and get in super slim shape!

1. Wear a Pace Tracking Watch for Your Runs

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Track the pace of your runs with a watch like the Garmin. Keep track of your progress and push yourself in every session. You get out what you put in so give yourself a good old kick up the behind and work hard!

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