Workouts to do in the Commercial Breaks for Girls Who Don't Want to Be Couch Potatoes ...


With your crazy busy schedule with appointments, deadlines and running every which way, you may find it tough to squeeze in your workout. After a long day you find yourself longing to relax and watch your favorite show and I don’t blame you. But before you feel destined to miss your workout, think outside the box and exercise during the commercial breaks. In a one hour show you can have up to 7 commercial breaks that are up to 3 minutes each so check out moves to help you get in shape during your nightly show! Ready, set, fit time!

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First Commercial Break

Perform 1 minute of pushups, one minute of mountain climbers followed by a one minute plank. In this short three minute commercial break you can target your total body. Just make sure to get your chest down to the ground for your pushups, bring your legs in for the mountain climbers and tighten your core for the plank. 3 minutes fit session done!


Second Commercial Break

Now that you are on the second commercial break and you are warmed up, it is time to perform 1 minute of jump squats, 1 min squat hold, followed by 1 min of jumping jacks. Perform as much as you can in this time frame while maintaining your form. It is amazing how much you can perform in 3 minutes!


Third Commercial Break

With the third commercial break it is time to isolate individual muscles like the inner thighs. Stand with your legs in a V and squat down for one minute. Now add a calf raise to this move for one minute. Then add a spring into your step to increase your heart rate and rev that calorie burn with V jump squats. In these 3 minutes you focused on the inner thighs and you should be feeling the burn!


Fourth Commercial Break

In the fourth interval you may notice you have a surge of energy so just go with it. Your senses are awakened and you are ready to rock the next 3 minutes. Awesome!! Perform one minute of burpees, 1 minute crunches and 1 minute of bicycle abdominal exercises. And I bet you are feeling good right now!


Fifth Commercial Break

For the fifth session, it is time to run for fun. Run one minute high knees in place, one minute jogging and one minute of butt kicks where your feet almost kick your butt. Pump those arms and give it all you got. You are doing awesome and still able to catch up on TV time!


Sixth Commercial Break

Just as your show is nearing the end and so much is going on, it is time to perform overhead jumping jacks, diamond pushups and the side plank on each side. One minute each for ultimate results because you can do anything you set your mind, heart and a little bit of sweat to!


Seventh Commercial Break

And just like that you are almost at the end so utilize your last commercial break to stretch for one minute, standing head down to your knees. Then pivot your leg over for a runner's stretch on each side to stretch out the inner thighs for one minute. Now lay on your stomach and stretch into a cobra and just breathe! You got this because you are a supper efficient, TV watching champ that can do it all while getting in your best shape!

Congratulations because you made it and now it is time to relax and enjoy the end of your show! There is no time like the present to get fit and you are doing it so bravo!

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