7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun ...


7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun ...
7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun ...

Are you tired of doing the same gym workouts daily and looking for ways to make fitness fun? Your workout does not have to consist of the same boring routine, and in fact, you will get even more results by switching things up. If you lack passion and energy when you exercise, you just need to do something different. Variety is the passion that fuels fitness so try something new today. Here are the easiest ways to make fitness fun:

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Try Something New

Try Something New The same workouts just not cutting it these days? Running on the gym treadmill daily and just feeling bored? Kick start your metabolism and motivation by trying something new, like a Bootcamp class. In Bootcamp class you can do a variety of strength and cardio exercises and get a great workout while bonding with a group of fellow campers. Okay, I am a little partial since I own a Bootcamp, but this is one of the best ways to make fitness fun!


Train for a Race

Train for a Race Trying to lose some weight and the scale is just not budging? You obsession is the number on the scale and maybe you need to steer your focus elsewhere. Why not set a new goal and train for a race? Training for a running, biking or even swimming race is a great way to make fitness fun and see results. And the bonus is when you complete this, you will feel so accomplished!


Jump Rope

Jump Rope Jumping rope is child’s play that is actually also a great workout. Without the need for expensive equipment, you can have a lot of fun and get a great cardio workout in by jumping rope. Reach your inner child and jump rope as a great way to make fitness fun! Aim for just 30 minutes for fat blasting fun.


Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis, Anyone? Meet up with a friend for a social hour tennis workout! If you play singles you will burn more calories and you can chat a bit in between. Tennis is a great workout where you can dress in cute, stylish tennis skirts also!


Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge Create your own fitness challenge to make fitness fun and keep you motivated to be better. Challenge yourself to do as many burpees as possible, pushups or even the plank. By gradually increasing your duration you will keep yourself challenged, and achieving these results is a lot of fun!


Rock Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Gym A rock climbing gym is a great place to get a great workout for your upper body and core, while having fitness fun. Even if you are hesitant when it comes to heights, this is a great way to think outside the box and try something new.


Fit Destination

Fit Destination Always wanted to go to Hawaii or Bermuda for vacation? Why not increase your motivation to travel to these beautiful sights by registering for a race there? You can register for a half or full marathon at these beautiful destinations to get your fun vacation in while getting a workout in as well. Some of my best memories are of traveling to a destination for a race, so you should try one too!

Now that you have some ideas of how to make fitness fun, what fitness workout will you do? Hope you have a fit and healthy life!

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