Five Minute Belly Blasting Walk Video ...


Five Minute Belly Blasting Walk Video ...
Five Minute Belly Blasting Walk Video ...

Can you move your arms and legs? You can do this 5-minute belly blasting walk.

Is your belly kind of in need of a little TLC? This YouTube video is for you. Leslie Sansone of Walk Away The Pounds fame has a video specifically meant for your middle section. Just walk, walk, walk and whittle your waist at the same time. Can you give her five minutes of your time every day?

Take a peek at Leslie and her "sisters in sweat"! Go ahead, you may as well walk also using this 5-minute belly blasting walk.

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
Published on Mar 3, 2017

One common problem people have is an overproduction of cortisol. This is a stress hormone that goes straight to your belly, accumulating as belly fat, the most dangerous kind of fat. The stress hormone is caused by stress, anxiety and fear. Have you ever been asked if you were pregnant and were not pregnant?

Many years ago, I do not remember which DVD or video she spoke on, but Leslie said that walking is more effective than crunches. I for one hate crunches and heck yes, I would rather walk!

Leslie is funny, talkative and uses no fancy choreography.

Take five minutes of your day and watch that belly melt away!

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