Top Unique Workout DVDs ...


Top Unique Workout DVDs ...
Top Unique Workout DVDs ...

Are you looking for some unique workout videos? Get the benefits of a class and the time spent with a personal trainer simply by popping in that DVD! Buy a few used workout DVDs on eBay and Amazon then kiss that gym membership cost good-bye!

Do you like to be unique? Me too. While she is pumping it a the gym and jogging all over the neighborhood, I can laugh all the way to my DVD player!

The following are some great unique workout videos that I've found for you.

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Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Dance Workout

If you’re a new to intermediate level exerciser who is into country music, you will love Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Dance Workout DVD. Also suitable for anyone looking for a low-to-medium intensity cardio workout. Exercisers with more experience may like to use it on days they want a fun and easy workout. This is one of my favorite unique workout videos.


Hot Hula Fitness

The popularity of Hot Hula Fitness has spread throughout the US, to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and beyond. Reflecting New Zealand-born Anna-Rita’s Polynesian heritage, Hot Hula Fitness is a low-impact, total body workout that incorporates traditional and not so traditional dance moves from the South Pacific Islands, including Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora and Samoa. For people who prefer to exercise at home, the Hot Hula Fitness DVD is a great option. It offers all of the benefits of a class in the privacy of your home.


The Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout

This is an everyday workout for an everyday woman. This DVD contains a variety of personal training tips that can help boost both your health status and your fitness level with only several minutes a day if you organize your time correctly. The workouts are safe and effective, and they are designed for the vast majority of beginners, although some health experts may get a good challenge out of it. This product will help bring up your daily energy, as well as improve your fitness. It is recommended to have a mat and weights when training with this DVD, which will add a little more difficulty, but a better workout, when it comes to doing the exercises.


The Tank Top Arms and Bikini Belly Workout

This is a DVD created by Minna Lessig. Like the name suggests, this program consists of different targeted exercises that will help you sculpt your muscles and achieve the figure you have been waiting for, especially when it comes to getting the perfect summer body that you want. The instructor brings a fun, but serious workout to the table.


The Women’s Health Total Workout in Ten

This total workout DVD is directed by Amy Dixon and will help you get a complete and intense workout in only 10 minutes. This way, you have full control over the amount of fat you burn, you can boost your energy, and you can also target certain areas. This is by far one of the easiest to customize programs on the market, especially if you are looking for a full body workout.


Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds

Leslie Sansone has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She has developed a product from something as simple as walking. She has released over 100 DVD’s incorporating walking into different fitness routines. The DVD instructions produced by Leslie Sansone are well put together and are easy to follow. You just need to find the time and the energy to put the DVDs in and hit play.


Joyce Vedral: Vertical Abs & Fat-Zapping Workout (3 Workouts on 1 DVD)

With vertical abs, get rock hard abs, jolt your body into faster progress with this slow-moving workout. Then, with a fat-zapping workout, melt your body fat with the faster-paced fat-zapping total body workout. All without ever lying down and in 10 minutes a day.

We often get stuck in a rut with the mundane. I wanted to give you a few unique options for better motivation and inspiration. My favorite workout DVD to look up? The country music workout! Out of my comfort zone and challenging. How about you?


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