10 Cardio Exercises for Girls Who Hate Cardio ...


10 Cardio Exercises for Girls Who Hate Cardio ...
10 Cardio Exercises for Girls Who Hate Cardio ...

7 Minute Intense Cardio

Try this super exciting workout that is an easy peasy seven minutes long. You can do anything for seven minutes in duration, right? Stay motivated with this workout that is so intense it is equivalent to a half hour workout. All exercises are just 30 seconds long. So feel the burn, get focused and push yourself!

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8 Minutes of Cool Cardio

Check out this 8 minute cardio workout that is the first of the slim down swim suit edition. If you feel strong perform this routine for 3-4 sets. And if you are just starting out, begin with one set and work your way to more. With the great energy in this video you may find yourself beginning to love cardio in no time!


Less than 8 Minutes

In less than 8 minutes, you can destroy your fat and boost your metabolic rate with this great workout. Even if you never enjoyed cardio before, this short workout can help you change your mindset as you begin to transform your body. So get to it and get moving!


Cheer It out

Maybe you always wanted to be a cheerleader but did not think you had the spunk. Or maybe you were a cheerleader but cardio is just not your thing. Well give cardio a chance with this amazing cheer move that can totally move you. This exercise is the starburst and it will challenge you to great results. So perform 3 sets of 15 and follow with a light walk or jog!


Hit Yourself with a Great Workout

Even if you can’t remember the last time you did cardio or if you ever found fitness you loved; give this work out a chance. You will not regret it. It will challenge you to achieve great results! Follow along with this workout and develop a regular routine so you make fitness part of your lifestyle.


Dance and Work It out

Shake your hips and move your body to the music as you get your fit on with this crunch video. This video breaks 3 ten minutes workouts up to challenge you. Follow along with these moves to get sleek, strong and sexy legs and butt. And if you focus you may even find yourself beginning to love cardio!


Blast That Cardio

The heck with the fact that you never liked cardio because maybe you never gave it a chance. Cardio does not have to be pounding your feet on a treadmill or other equipment. Follow along with Denise Austin in this cardio workout and work your body to your best shape. Just make sure to push yourself on a regular basis so you can boost your metabolic rate and get in super shape!



You really don't need to be any good at dancing, in fact - people of many ages do zumba for fun and to stay fit. It's a seriously fun workout while having the ability to shake your booty. You could sign up for a zumba class at your nearby gym or you could watch a YouTube video from the comfort of your own home. This is your golden opportunity to dance like no one is watching!


Zombies, Run!

This interactive smartphone app is a great way to distract yourself from the fact that you're actually exercising. You simply download the app, put in your earphones and choose one of the 60 missions. You begin by jogging and then suddenly, you hear the zombies coming, ready to attack! And there's only one way to get rid of them - RUN!


SWIMMING LENGTHS or Water Aerobics

I know it seems like a conventional form of cardio but it's so much more fun than having to get out of breath by jogging, running, climbing stairs or use fancy gym equipment while sweating tirelessly. If you don't have access to a swimming pool, check out your local gym or fitness centre - do a few lengths or join a water aerobics class, meet friends and have some fun!

Okay so get in your workout wear and give these great workouts a chance. You deserve to be fit, healthy and your best shape. You only have one life, so are you ready to live it to the fullest?

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Thanks for this post !! :D btw is it true that an intense 7 minutes very intense workout is equal to a 30 minutes workout that is ok to manage ?

Without one "intense" :D *

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