5 Simple Ways to Train like a Dancer ...


5 Simple Ways to Train like a Dancer ...
5 Simple Ways to Train like a Dancer ...

There are lots of ways to train like a dancer. Professional dancers train their whole lives to be elite in this cutthroat industry. But you don’t have to be a professional dancer to learn from their habits on mind, body, and soul. So, if you want the dancer's body, follow these tips and you can start getting the abs and legs that make these dancers reach for the stars. Here are the best ways to train like a dancer.

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Warm up Your Body

Warming up is one of the best ways to train like a dancer. Dancers excel in flexibility and the knowledge of one’s own body. Warming up prior to exercise helps you check in with your body and understand what type of exercise you need. So make sure you warm up and stretch beforehand to get the lean body you want.


Find a Class

Dance is a total body workout and it is a great community atmosphere, which will keep motivating you. I encourage you to find a class whether it is a traditional ballet, jazz, contemporary class or get into the routine in a different way by trying pilates, Zumba, or barre workout. There are a number of fitness classes out there that many professional dancers take to keep up their cardio when they are not in the studio and you can follow their lead and take a part in these as well.


Abs, Abs and More Abs

The muscle most important for a dancer is the abs. You derive power from your abs to perform all dance moves big and small. If you want to train like a dancer you have to get creative and make sure to target the abs to gain strength in your entire body.


Keep Your Body Moving

Professional ballerinas have terribly long rehearsals that keep them moving for hours on end. You can do this yourself by biking to work or walking to the store instead of getting into your car. Finding different ways to move around in your already set schedule will keep your body moving throughout the day and before you know it, you will unconsciously start to gain that dancer body.


Mindful Nutrition

Contrary to stigmas, dancers eat and they eat a lot. The difference in their diet is what they put into their bodies. A dancer's body is her temple, she knows that in order to dance her best she must fuel her body positively. Therefore, a nutritious diet is key in training like the ballerina your 3 year old self dreamed of one day becoming.

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