Listen to Your Body to Find the Perfect Time to Work out ...


Listen to Your Body to Find the Perfect Time  to Work out ...
Listen to Your Body to Find the Perfect Time  to Work out ...

Why should you listen to your body to find the perfect time to work out? When you are just starting out on a new health and fitness regime, it can often be really difficult to find a routine and schedule that works best for you. You might have a friend or colleague who has been getting some great results from doing things a certain way, but just because it works for them, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to work for you too. The key to putting together the perfect exercise regime is to listen to your own body. After all, it is your body that is going to have play ball with your mind to give you the results that you desire! The worst thing you can do is go against nature, so this is why you need to listen to your body to find the perfect time to work out.

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If You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you do not enjoy a regular sleeping pattern, then it is a good idea for you to work out in the morning rather than in the evening. Working out late at night will only serve to give your body a boost of adrenaline and endorphins that will not help you get to sleep. The earlier you work out, the earlier the adrenaline will be dealt with by your body.


If You Can’t Stick to the Same Time Every Day

If you find that you are unable to stick to a time for exercise, then working out in the morning is the best idea for you. Apparently, your will power is always strongest in the morning, so this will give you more of a chance of actually going through with things. Another factor is that getting your exercise done first thing in the morning eliminates the possibility of other things getting in the way of working out.


If You’re Not a Morning Person

If you are historically not a ‘morning person’, and you feel grumpy and lethargic first thing, then why not wait until lunch time to work out? Leaving yourself time to really wake up and finding all of your senses might just be the little bit of motivation and inspiration that you need to make midday exercise a regular feature in your life.


If You Use Working out as a Form of Stress Relief

If what you crave more than anything is a good session of stress relief, then working out in the evening is the perfect time for you. If you have had a bad day at work or haven’t felt productive thus far, then you can really get into it in the early hours of the evening to end the day on a positive high.


If You Want to Lose Weight

If weight loss is your number one goal surrounding this whole exercise regime, then there is nothing better than a morning workout to help boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. People who work out in the morning are proven to burn many more calories over the course of a day.


If You Are Weak and Dizzy when You Work out

If in the past you have felt weak or dizzy when exercising, then this might be down to the fact that you weren’t properly fuelled. The best way to avoid this is to work out either after lunch or after dinner, whichever of the two times suits your lifestyle the best.

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