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It can be challenging to find fun exercises if you hate the gym. Nowadays, it seems we don’t have a lot of options, besides yoga, pilates and zumba. But don’t worry, a little bit of inspiration will give you new energy to get moving in a way that is actually fun and enjoyable. These are 7 fun exercises if you hate the gym.

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Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping Like I said, it’s not easy finding exercises if you hate the gym, so whatever you do, it must be fun. Hula hooping is one of those exercises that will put a smile on your face while sweating it out. It tones your thighs, abs, glutes and arms and if you put some effort in it, you’ll easily burn 200 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your weight and intensity.


Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing The days that pole dancing was merely done to seduce men are over. Today we can do it for ourselves. It will strengthen your muscles and it will tone you up like yoga. If you take a pole dancing class, there’s often a dance portion incorporated, which functions as a cardio workout. So start pole dancing and you won’t have to do any other sport in addition.



Barre Always wanted to be a ballerina when you were a little girl? Now is your time, because barre has seen big hype over the past months. It uses moves inspired by yoga and pilates, it will lengthen your muscles and it will reshape your body completely if you do it regularly. It’s especially good for those who want to train their legs.



Golf Let’s be clear that going to the driving range doesn’t give you much exercise. On the other hand, playing golf on the course is a great way to burn calories. All that walking around will burn tons of calories, and the rather calm sport itself won’t give you the feeling you’re working out at all. You will definitely feel it in your legs the next day, as well as your arms and side abs.


Martial Arts

Martial Arts Do you have a stressful job and do you need some relief every now and then? Perhaps a martial art is something for you. There are so many martial arts to choose from, like karate, kung fu and capoeira. It will not only train your muscles and give you a workout; it will also teach you how to deal with aggression and anger. Not to mention that you’ll learn how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.



Hiking If you love the outdoors, hiking (or biking) is probably your thing. There’s nothing better than enjoying the woods, hills and scenery while getting some exercise. It will strengthen your muscles and, depending on your pace, you’ll get your heart rate pumping as well. It’s a fun thing to do with friends, your guy or even by yourself.


Play outside

Play outside Do you have a backyard? Or kids? Is there a dog in your home? These are all great reasons to go outside and just play around. It’s a great way to get sweaty while not having the feeling that you’re actually doing some exercise. Additionally, if you play around with your kids and dog, they will have a great time.

If you hate the gym, you’ve probably had weird looks from people every now and then. Don’t feel weird, because there are so many more ways to get some exercise and to stay healthy. These were only seven of them, but there must be so many more out there. What is your favorite exercise outside the gym?

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number 2 is soooo funny!

Hm, I've never considered pole dancing, but now that I saw this article, I'm looking around for classes. So thanks

the photo about martial arts , give a bad idea about it x) , the girl scares me

I pole dance for fitness. It's a great workout and heaps of fun. Not to mention it's something you can learn and grow with.

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