31 Day Workout Schedule to Have You Fit in a Snap ...


31 Day Workout Schedule to Have You Fit in a Snap ...
31 Day Workout Schedule to Have You Fit in a Snap ...

Do you know why we love summer? It's because it's the only season we that are not celebrities (who can go on vacation every time because they already have enough money) are allowed to put on our bikinis, go to the beach and just release all that bad energy, look sexy, feel sexy and most importantly be sexy.

The bikini season is here and nobody wants to wear bikini in some flabby ass or stomach, personally I don't. You have probably been sitting in front of the desk almost all year, or you have so much things to do at school and you just don't have time for all that trouble and it's finally time to go to the beach and what's that? Oh you just realized you can't go, you have to come up with some lame ass excuse, like you don't have a bikini or even worse you don't really feel like going. Well I am here to help, so sit down because this article is for you.

First of all, motivate yourself, no ones going to make you do something if you don't really want to do it. My favorite quote of all time is by Henry Ford, "whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." I know it's hard, trust me I do. At the end of the day, it's kind of worth it. So are you going to do this or what? There are 4weeks in a month, so here's the plan.

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Week One (days 1-7)

human action, person, jogging, muscle, endurance sports, Start out with aerobic activity as this helps to stretch your body and prepare your muscles for later. Create time for a 35minutes walk everyday throughout this week either in the morning or evening. Do strictly aerobic workouts such as swimming, hiking, cycling and so on. You can pick one activity and do it for 50 minutes everyday.


Week Two (days 7-14)

human action, structure, person, human positions, room, Continue your 35minutes walk everyday. Now you can start shifting for aerobic workouts to anaerobic workouts, but do more of anaerobic activities such as push ups, squats, weight lifting, lunges and so on. Weight lifting is very important during this period. You should continue to lifts weights for as long as you can.


Week Three (days 15-21)

human action, clothing, leg, thigh, muscle, As usual continue your 35minutes walk. You can now ditch aerobic workouts and move strictly into high intensity workouts. Do lots of squats, hip thrust, donkey kicks, squats, diamond kicks, leg lifts, clams and lunges. This week is for muscle building. Spend as much time as you can doing this exercises to loose weight fast.


Week Four (days 21-31)

clothing, lady, muscle, active undergarment, thigh, By now you should have started seeing the changes in your body. You can adjust the workout to your own liking but continue the 35minutes work as usual, do a lot of high intensity workouts, by now you should have adjusted to the workout so push yourself more, spend more time working out.

By this time you would have started loving your new look, but this is not time to relax, continue your workout routine, make time to do both aerobic and anaerobic exercises and most importantly eat healthy, for health is wealth.

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