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Want some tips from fitness gurus that have helped countless lives achieve their dream bodies? With the right tips, workouts and eating plan, you can be in your best shape. Are you ready to get started? Then read on for the best tips from fitness gurus:

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Stick to the 3 Fs

National fitness guru Jackie Warner believes that fitness is all about the 3 Fs: form, function and failure. It is all about performing exercises in the right order with perfect form until you reach muscle fatigue. And Jackie does just this with her celebrity clients and in her personal life (just look at her body and that is proof alone). This is one of the best tips from fitness gurus because it really works!


Keep It Simple

Trainer to the stars Jackie Warner recommends to keep your fitness and food plan simple to get the best results. Do not overthink what you need to do or you just won’t do it, when it comes to your workouts. And do not make your healthy eating too complex or you will find yourself unable to keep to your plan. Keep it as simple as you can to achieve your best results.


Make a Commitment

Celebrity trainer and Biggest Loser fitness guru Dolvett Quince states that making the commitment to your fitness and health is critical in seeing great results. And one of the best ways is to pay for your fitness sessions up front. If you pay you are making the first commitment and when the money is put out you will feel the need to make the most out of what you have paid for. This is an investment in your health!


Work out While You Work

Fitness guru Dolvett Quince recommends that you work out while you are at work by going on a lunchtime run or walk, parking farther away and never taking the elevator. If you keep your body in motion at work, you will have more energy, keep your weight down and think clearer. So stop sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, get up and get moving!


Set Attainable Goals

Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell believes the best way to set yourself up for fitness success it to set small achievable weight loss goals rather than large goals that are not realistic. This will help you to stay motivated and on track! That's what Chris Powell has done by helping his clients lose hundreds of pounds and transform their lives in just one year’s time.


Be Prepared

Fitness guru Chris Powell recommends portioning out your meals in advance so it is easier to stay on track. If you open up your refrigerator and your lunch salad is waiting for you, it will be much easier to make the best choice for that day. So prepare in advance so that you can stay on the right track.


Find Fitness You Love

Personal trainer and health writer Tara Zimliki (wait, that’s me) has helped thousands of clients and motivated readers (like you!) transform their bodies through health and fitness. And the best way to get in shape and stay fit for life is to find fitness you enjoy. Sure, some of your workouts are going to feel like torture, but also find an activity you enjoy. You can do your intense workouts 3 days a week and play a game of tennis or whatever other exercises you enjoy on your off days. This practice will help you to stay fit for life and just feel better!

Now that you are aware of some new tips from fitness gurus that work, are you ready to follow these and transform your life? Remember, with hard work and dedication you can achieve the body of your dreams! So get working!

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