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Sometimes the mere thought of going to the gym and running on the treadmill makes you dread exercise. When working out seems to be too much work you need to create a workout you love. Finding fitness you enjoy can be the difference to exercising as a phase in your life or creating a lifestyle change. So take the scenic route in your workout, invest in new gear, meditate while you exercise and have some fun while you are it. If you switch up what you are currently doing and find fitness that works you can change your outlook on fitness for the better. So check out these awesome ways to create a workout you will love and crave on a regular basis!

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Find Fitness You Enjoy

Exercise does not have to be the daily hour at the gym on machines you are just not into. Exercise can be having a tennis match with a friend, heading to the park for a walk or even swimming laps at the local YMCA. Find fitness that you love and enjoy so you begin to crave this exercise and it becomes a habit. Once you are into it, it will become a daily part of your life that you love!


Exercise to Your Destination

Stop jumping in the car to go 3 blocks to your destination. Use your own two legs to walk or jog there. Save on gas as you increase your own energy and just feel better. This is a great way to get a short workout in while multitasking!


Find the Right Tunes

Creating a workout you love can be fueled with the right tunes. Lunges in silence can be a bore but put on the right tunes and lunge to the beat. Music can move and motivate you to work harder, longer and even move more. So create a playlist that helps inspire you to get your fit on.


Train for a Race

Challenging yourself to a race can help to motivate you on a regular basis and also focus on your own personal goal. If you commit to a running, biking or swimming race; you will have to create a training plan to prepare. This is a great way to create a workout you will love because you are in charge of your training plan. Be who you want to be by getting up and making your training plan.


Take the Scenic Route

Tired of running on the gym treadmill staring at the overhead television? I do not blame you! Good news is there is a world of beauty by exercising outdoors and exploring nature. So get outside for a walk or jog. Head to the trails, beach or even a new route and take your mind off your workout to just enjoy the beauty of the world around. This is a great distraction and will help you to find fitness you love!


Get New Gear

Invest in some new gear to motivate you to get a great workout in. The soleus GPS one watch can help to keep your motivation high by telling you the distance you traveled, location and calories burned. This wearable accessory can motivate you to go further and push more in your workouts creating fitness you will love!


Meditate While You Workout

If you ever wonder how distance runners exercise for countless hours without becoming bored, I will tell you. These endurance athletes learn to meditate while they exercise. They get in a zone where they actually release their stress and feel great. Try this and you will find yourself loving your workout even more!

Find fitness you will love and you can never go wrong. You deserve to live a life of health and happiness. So are you ready to make a choice and take steps to attain this, starting today?

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Greatest tips. I'm not one to dislike exercise though. As long as I either have something to watch or listen to, I enjoy it very much. Also watching action movies helps me exercise because in those tense scenes it gets your heart racing and makes you want to run or something lol. That's something that also helps

Never heard before about the last one, sounds great!

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