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As you travel to the beautiful destination of Rome, Bali, Bermuda or wherever; here are several reasons to workout while on vacation. Vacations are a great time to relax, unwind, see the sights and get out of your comfort zone to try something new. As you embody a healthier lifestyle, it is important to not make a break while on vacation so why not take your exercise clothes with you. If you make fitness part of your life, why in the world would you take a vacation from a healthier you? Here are the reasons to workout while on vacation because a break just may break your spirits and dedication:

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A Great Way to See the Sights

Why sit on a double decker bus with a tour guide explaining the sights when you can see them by foot? Map out a great run while on vacation so you can visit the sights and bring your camera or camera phone while you are at it so you can account for the memory later in life. I have had some of my most memorable runs while on vacation and I would not trade this in for anything. So sightseeing is one of the major reasons to workout while on vacation.


Meet New People with Similar Interests

I have met some of the most driven and interesting people while visiting the gym on vacation. It takes a lot of dedication to rise early while on vacation to get your workout in so the other gym goers are similar in this sense. On one vacation I met a woman training for the Olympics, after exercising next to her and discussing training plans, I found she was one of the top runners in the world. This shows you never know who you can meet on vacation.


You Will Not Have to Stress about Food

Let’s face it is much more difficult to eat healthy on vacation and the last thing you want to do is count calories so why not work it off. I always exercise early on vacation and when lunch arrives I am not stressing about every choice I make. I still make mindful healthy choices but if I am in the mood for dessert, I just go for it feeling secure because I got my workout in!


You Can Avoid or Reduce Risk of Weight Gain

The average vacationer puts on 3-7 pounds in just one week of letting go. The weight gain is not as shocking as the fact that 60% of these vacationers struggle or do not lose this weight. Combat this gain and aim for a 30 minute workout early in the morning.


You Will Have Your Best Workouts

I have had some of my best workouts while away because I did not have to watch the clock continually and I did not have the everyday demands I have at home. You may find yourself more productive in your workouts, feeling more energy and a surge of strength.


You Can Plan an Active Vacation

Not looking to do a dedicated workout in a gym each day, no biggie, but why not plan an active vacation? You can go rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and even mountain biking as part of sightseeing and the best part is you will get a workout in without being in a gym. Some of my best vacations have been the most active ones.


You Will Not Fall behind on Your Training

Last on my list is that training while on vacation is more than just staying slim and healthy, if you are training for a race you do not want to fall behind. Although it may just be a week or two that you are vacationing, if you are training for a longer distance running race, for example, two weeks off can set you up for increasing a risk of an injury by being under-trained. Schedule some early runs and as a compromise do not focus on running time. Slow or fast, forget the pace and just enjoy your vacation.

Hope my tips have helped you because exercising on vacation is a lot of fun and you may even surprise yourself by having your best workouts yet. Do you exercise on vacation? If yes, tell me do you embody fitness and health in all aspects of your life?

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