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The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer ...

By Tara

As a certified trainer for well over a decade training clients is both my passion and purpose in life. Since as young as can recall I absolutely loved diet and exercise so sharing this with my clients is simply a dream. I have pushed clients to lose weight, transform their body, change their attitude and fulfil their dreams. Training both professional athletes and everyday clients to be the best version of themselves has been an amazing opportunity. The best thing about being a trainer is that I can help many accomplish what they struggled doing alone. I can may unattainable become attainable if they allow me to push them to do it. So let me share with you all the benefits of having a personal trainer because I know firsthand what it takes in this amazing role:

1 Motivation

If you are struggling with motivation and need an extra push you should consider hiring a personal trainer. Exercises that may have seemed impossible are possible but you have to be ready to work hard and give it your all. So amplify your motivation by hiring a personal trainer to help push you.

2 Now Accountable to Someone Other than Yourself

If you regularly cancel your workout plans and cheat on your diet, you may need someone that you can be accountable other than yourself. A certified trainer can guide you with workouts, check in to ensure you are completing them and even guide you in making healthier food choices. So seek out the right trainer for you!

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3 You Will Work Harder

If three sets of lunges fatigue you and you find yourself cutting your repetitions short, it is likely you need the extra push. With a personal trainer you will work and up the intensity. Having someone there watching you definitely gives you even more drive!

4 Help You with Proper from

If you do not perform exercises correctly you can get injured or even stall the results you are working to achieve. Hiring a trainer will be helpful in having someone to correct you if you are doing an exercise the wrong way. This can help you to make the most out of each and every workout!

5 Give You a Schedule on off Days

If you perform the same monotonous cardio workout daily, it is no wonder that you are not losing weight. Switch up your workouts and hire a trainer to help you with a schedule. Your trainer will create a customized plan based on your goals and help you to achieve this! With the right plan and dedication you can crush your goals!

6 Food Plan to Help You

Even with countless hours of exercise you cannot eat anything that you like, you need to live a life of moderation. Making healthy food choices can help you to achieve your goal so hire a trainer to create one custom for you. There are many trainers that seek their nutritionist license as well so this is an added bonus in helping you!

7 You Will Never Work as Hard Solo

Even my strongest of clients confess that they never work as hard on their own. It is easy to take breaks, leave the gym for a phone call or even cut your workouts shorts when you are on your own. But having a trainer standing over you, pushing you, correcting your form and ensuring you give it your all; this is the best way to have the ultimate workout!

With all these benefits it is a wonder why you have not hired a trainer yet? If you are on a budget I understand but looking at hiring a trainer for just 4 sessions this month to learn the ropes and get a kick start for your health!

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