7 Simple Yoga Stretches to Perform at Your Desk ...

I’m a huge fan of yoga as yoga stretches are really beneficial, particularly when performed on a frequent basis. You can do yoga anywhere – not just in the traditional confines of a studio. Not only does yoga aid job function and concentration/mental abilities, it will also give your muscles a break and relieve tension that accompanies repetitive motions, like typing on a keyboard. These simple yoga stretches target the wrists, shoulders, upper back, lower back and the neck - all areas that need relief when you’ve been hunched over your desk all day!

1. Neck Rolls

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One of the best yoga stretches to perform at your desk is a simple neck stretch for either side. Just the process of moving your neck will help get the kinks out and you’ll have more movement and flexibility afterwards. It’s perfect for relieving tension if you use the phone a lot, stare at a computer screen, or do any prolonged movement whereby your shoulders are hunched and your neck is pulled forward as a result.

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