How to Get the Lean Thigh Gap You've Always Wanted ...


There is this certain craze about thigh gaps that makes young girls go to crazy lengths to achieve slim legs, but there are much healthier ways to tone the inner thighs, such as healthy cardio routines and exercises for a thigh gap. While I don’t understand this mania, I still prefer that people at least do this the right way without risking their health. So if you are striving to achieve slim legs here are exercises for a thigh gap for best results!

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Deep Squat

Squats are perfect exercises for a thigh gap, which target numerous parts of the body including the inner thighs. You can begin by spreading your legs shoulder width apart with your feet flat on the ground and your toes pointed slightly outward. Squat slowly down with your butt out and hold the position for a few seconds before coming back up to the starting position.


Slide Side Lunge

Side lunges work the legs and glutes, but slide side lunges in particular target the inner thighs. To do this stand with your feet a few inches apart and keep you hands in front of your chest. Put your weight on one of your legs and gently slide to the side with the other one as you squat down, then slowly bring it in and repeat the process with the other leg. Try to complete 10 reps of these on each leg!


Slide side lunges are an effective exercise for targeting and toning the inner thighs. They are easy to do and can be done anywhere without the need for any equipment. To do this exercise, stand with your feet a few inches apart and keep your hands in front of your chest. Put your weight on one leg and gently slide to the side with the other one as you squat down. Then slowly bring it back in and repeat the process with the other leg. Aim to do 10 reps of this exercise on each leg for best results. Slide side lunges are an excellent way to strengthen your inner thighs and help you achieve the lean thigh gap you desire.


Wide-stance Squats

Make sure to stand with your feet wide apart and your toes out. Position your hands behind your head and slowly squat down making sure that you knees don’t go over your toes. Your position should resemble a plié! Make sure to continue with this exercise for a minimum of a minute!


Scissor Raises

This is an exercise which requires a lot of patience and motivation. First lay on your back and position your legs at a 90 degree angle. Open up your legs into a V position and pulse in this manner for a minute without stopping. Make sure to go at your own pace but don’t forget to push yourself harder!



For this exercise all you need is running shoes and a staircase. To complete this exercise, face the railing of the staircase and cross one leg over the other to the next step and then cross the opposite leg onto the next step, starting from the bottom of the staircase. Continue in this manner until you reach the top!


Laying Leg Lift

Lie down on your right side of the body and evenly distribute your weight. Try to straighten our your legs and stack them on top of each other. Then slowly lift your top leg up and down as many times as you can for at least one minute and repeat on the other side. You will definitely feel this tomorrow!


Thrust and Squeeze

To do this exercise, lie down with your arms at your sides and knees bent. Squeeze your abs and bottom, and slowly lift your butt off the floor pushing only with your legs. You should be forming a small bridge with your body without lifting your upper back from the ground.

Targeting only one part of the body for weight loss is impossible, but you can see slight changes by incorporating cardio and toning exercises into your routine. Stick with your workout plan and you should see results in a couple of months! What are some of your favorite inner thigh exercises for a lean thigh gap?


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I'll trade my thigh gap for sturdy muscles any day

Ugh exercise will never give you a thigh gap it's all down to hip structure, and if you don't, the only way is to lose fat in your thighs

In my family it's genetic, my mum who is a size twelve (UK size) has one to. So there is no need to say its unhealthy, or not like a true woman. Curves could be the ones between your thighs as well.

I personally think thigh gaps don't make you look healthy..... It makes you look less curvy like a true woman. Embrace your curves!!!

I am so sad to see this post ...thigh gap?!??...are you kidding me?!! many posts on loving yourself, appreciate and respect who you are as a beautiful woman, etched etc blah blah and now people are worrying about thigh gap?!?!...get a life already !!!!!!!!

Glad to see most comments are from educated people, even though this article is clearly uninformed!

Thigh gaps are unattainable by most women, it's determined by genetics and conformation!

That's mean Lauren, I have a natural thigh gap and it's not my fault. I had a fast metabolism, so I generally think making fun of people who have that is mean.

What's thigh gap ?

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