7 Awesome Activities for Slimming Your Cankles ...


First let me say that I think cankles is a deplorable word, but it's also a problem many women are concerned with, so if you're interested in slimming your cankles, I've got you covered. Understand, please, that this is not a reflection on you or your beauty. However, if you're bothered by them and want to get slimmer, more toned calves and ankles, then more power to you and I really hope that I can help you. Slimming your cankles isn't hard at all, you'll just have to work for it.

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Get Your Feet Moving

If you want to work on your calf and ankle definition, you have to move. Walking is a great activity for slimming your cankles, so try to get moving more throughout the day. Even if you just walk a little more and take the stairs more often, you'll see an enormous difference soon. Even jumping jacks, riding your bike, or heck, using a Skip-It will help.


Check for Water Retention

Sometimes cankles aren't even the product of extra weight or poor muscle definition. You could be bloated and retaining water. When you press on your ankles, do you still see the indentations of your fingers? If so, you're dealing with water retention. If this persists, it's worth getting checked out, however, because it could point to certain health problems, such as edema.


But Drink More Water

Drinking more water will also help with water retention, and it can help with cankles in general. Keeping hydrated is a key to a number of health problems. It helps with bloating because your body no longer has to hold onto the water currently in your system.


Runner Runner

Just as walking can help you achieve more definition in your ankles and calves, running is great too. You don't have to go crazy, especially if you're not currently a runner. Try once or twice around the block, at the very least, and do it a few times a week. You need to be careful about bulking up your muscles so take it easy at first.


Don't Go Too Steep

There are actually some exercises you need to avoid when you're trying to get rid of your cankles. For example, steep climbing exercises can actually bulk up your ankles and erase any definition you do have. That's not to say you can't go hiking, climbing, or work on the stair-climber, just that you should go easy with it.


Stretch It out

Stretching elongates your muscles, tones them, and makes them supple. A few simple calf raises and toe touches can make a world of difference. Try to stretch every morning when you get out of bed, or do it throughout the day when you're tired of sitting at your desk.


Work Your Ankles

There are also simple exercises and stretches that specifically target your ankles. All you really need to do is twirl your foot in circles, then point your toes. Do this when you're eating lunch, at your desk, watching TV, or even in bed at night.

Let me repeat that your ankles are beautiful, no matter what. I know it doesn't always feel that way – I have the same problem, so I'm on a constant mission to keep the issue at bay. If you have any exercise tips, I know many readers would love to read them. Do you ever concern yourself with cankles, or are you happy with your ankles?

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