7 Steps to a Great Body ...

Stop staring wishfully at the model on the magazine cover and start working in steps to a great body. In the midst of our busy lives, it is easy to forget that in order to achieve a fit and fabulous body you have to create a schedule to achieve it. So where should you begin? Certain steps can help create a foolproof way to work out and get in the best shape of your life. Let me share with you the steps to a great body.

1. Eat Clean

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First and foremost, the most important steps to a great body is eating clean. This does not mean you can never eat a piece of chocolate in your life but live life in moderation. The bulk of your diet should be vegetables, then fruits, then lean protein and whole grains. To achieve an amazing body you must have food discipline and make healthy food choices.

2. Be Vulnerable

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In order to lose weight, tone your body and make a change, you need to be vulnerable and get real. Be honest about your food weakness and accept what you need to work on. In order to change, you need to first face your struggles and accept that it will take work, but the results are worth it!

3. Create a Workout Schedule

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Set a fitness plan that is in alignment to your fitness and health goals. For example, if your goal is to tighten your core, you want to focus on cardio and core strengthening exercises. However if your goal is to build strength, you would focus more on resistance training. In order to get a better body, create a schedule based on your goals.

4. Live an Active Lifestyle

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Start moving more throughout the day by taking walk breaks, parking farther away and taking the stairs when you can. If you live an active lifestyle, you will burn more calories throughout the day and you will find yourself seeing some major positive changes in your body!

5. Take Measurements Weekly

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At the start of your training take your measurements and start weight and write notes on your fitness level. Every week you should track how far you have come and how far you have to go. By looking at your progress on a weekly basis you can stay motivated to keep going strong. And before long, you will look in the mirror with a smile to see your results!

6. Push Yourself

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In all workouts, I push myself because we can always be better, but to have a better body this should be daily. Push yourself to get your workout in, to work out harder and even to choose the salad instead of the sandwich. To have a better body, you must push yourself to be better!

7. Enlist Friends and Family

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As you continue to exercise and eat healthy, let your family and friends in on what your goals are. And as you see results, share your weight loss success and health transformation. You deserve to be proud of yourself. Chances are your results will motivate them so that they can better their health and achieve an even better body. There is nothing better than feeling confidence in your body.

So you only have one life, are you ready to live it right? Stop waiting for something to happen to you and make it happen. Start chasing your dreams fast with these steps to a great body so you can sprint to a winning finish.

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