Sensational Ways to Get Your Heart Pumping and Melt Away Fat ...


Sensational Ways to Get Your Heart Pumping and Melt Away Fat ...
Sensational Ways to Get Your Heart Pumping and Melt Away Fat ...

If you want to burn plenty of fat, you need to get your heart pumping. You have to push yourself to a whole new level and challenge yourself. You get out what you put in so give it all you got for a really great workout! Get out for a run, challenge yourself to interval training or channel your inner child for a jump rope workout! Whatever workout you choose make sure you finish with your heart pumping, out of breath and covered in sweat! So check out my tips on how you can get this done. That is if you are you ready to get your heart pumping and burn optimal fat. Then let’s do it!

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Get out for a Run

Get out for a Run Get out for a run to burn plenty calories, boost your metabolism and raise your heart rate. Go at your own pace and every few minutes, run as hard as you can for one minute. This speed surge will help you to get your body in fat burning mode and make the most out of every step of your run!


Interval Training is Incredible

Interval Training is Incredible Interval training is the ultimate workout to increase you endurance, boost your metabolism and get your body in fat burning mode. And for this reason I usually perform interval training for 3-4 days per week. Try it and feel the difference!


Tabata is Tremendous

Tabata is Tremendous Tabata training is an incredible way to burn fat, work at high intensity with short rest exercises in between and burn mega calories. This workout will help you to get your heart pumping and push to a different level. So make sure you integrate this workout 1-2 times per week. You will certainly be glad that you did!


Sprint then Walk

Sprint then Walk Run as fast as you can for a half mile then walk a half mile. Alternate for as long as you can and for up to one hour to increase your metabolism and push your body to the next level. You will burn a lot of calories by doing this and you can break up intensity with your intermittent walks!


Pump Some Iron

Pump Some Iron Increase your fat burning potential and raise your heart rate by pumping some iron. Resistance training is a super effective way to lose weight, increase your metabolism and feel amazing! So pump iron to feel great and see incredible results!


Jumping Rope Rocks

Jumping Rope Rocks Remember as a child playing countless hours of jump rope and having a blast? Yes those were the days and aside from the fun, this is a really great workout. So when is the last time you jumped rope? Probably far too long but jumping rope can help you to burn an extreme amount of calories so get jumping!


Hop on Your Bike

road bicycle, bicycle, woman, vehicle, girl, Biking is a great way to boost your cardio, and what's great about it - it doesn't feel like work! You can hop on your bike and go run errands and before you know it, you're working on a sweat while being productive. Biking in the gym works too, and spin classes are super popular!


Row, Row, Row!

human action, person, room, structure, sport venue, Rowing sounds like something you might have to live near a lake to do, but actually, most gyms offer rowing equipment that mimics what it's like to be out there paddling! It works all the main muscles in your body and is great at stripping fat and building muscle!


Swim a Few Laps

clothing, sports, swimmer, swimming, water sport, Swimming is such a great exercise because it is low impact - meaning that there's not as much risk for injury since you're in the water. Plus, you get a total body workout this way, too. There are so many strokes to try, although the freestyle is a good, reliable stroke for all over fat burning.


Push Yourself to the Next Level

Push Yourself to the Next Level Push yourself in whatever workout you choose so that your heart rate is up, you are out of breath and you are working to your full potential. If you give it all you got, you will seriously see amazing results so remember this when you work hard in every fitness session!

So with all my tips to get your heart pumping, how do you like to work out hard? What is the ultimate fat burning workout you swear by?

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Nicee I love it

Great tips! I go running every morning and I walk everywhere in the afternoon!


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