7 Fitness Tips for Great Weekend Workouts ...

Are you looking for tips on great weekend workouts? Then look no further because I have plenty of tips for you. As a busy mom and business owner, due to limited time during the week, often my weekend workouts are much more in-depth. And the weekend is usually my best time to do an extended workout or to switch up gears and try new exercises. So read about my tips for great weekend workouts:

1. Go Long

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Off from work and no plans for the day? Then why not go long and extend your workout. The weekends are the best time to lengthen your workout time, especially if you are off for the day. I enjoy my long slow runs every Sunday as a meditative time to enjoy the day and forget about all my tasks and deadlines. It is a great time to relax. So why not utilize this extra time to extend your weekend workouts?

2. Challenge Yourself

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The weekends are a great time to challenge yourself with new fitness fun. I enjoy doing workout challenges over the weekend since time is on my side and I feel less stress than that which is present during the week. So try a new challenge and push yourself in an intense workout!

3. Run to Your Workout

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Planning to take your Saturday bootcamp class and turning on your car to warm up the engine in preparation for your drive? Put your car keys in your pocket and lace up your running sneakers to challenge yourself to run to your workout. This is a great way to burn extra calories along with challenging your body and mind!

4. Plan a Workout with a Friend

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Socialize with a friend this weekend by planning a workout together. This is a great time to catch up on life events while pushing each other in your workout pace. Remember friends that exercise together will be friends forever, so support each other’s goals!

5. Exercise Somewhere New

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Have you been dying to go to the northern part of the state to check out the beautiful view or the local gardens? Get on your bike or take a drive (if it is too far to bike) and get there for a workout. The weekends are a great time to exercise in different destinations and explore the world, while you get your workout in!

6. Try Something New

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Is mountain climbing on your bucket list of goals? Then use the weekend to schedule a guide for mountain climbing or you can head indoors to a local climbing gym to get your workout in! The weekends are a great time to try something new, like the bootcamp class you have been dying to try or anything else on your list!

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Sweat

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Ditch your week makeup and get to your workout this weekend and don’t be afraid to sweat! The weekends are a great time to get in touch with yourself through a sweaty workout. Since you can stay make up free as you are not working, use this time to push yourself, get sweaty and in the process remove your body of toxins (since this is what sweating does).

Hope you have enjoyed my tips for ways to rev your weekend workouts. So tell me, since I am so curious, what is your favorite workout to do over the weekend?

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