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As you prepare for a fitness competition, you may be questioning what the judges will be looking for and what are the ways to prepare so that you have a competitive edge. When training for a fitness competition it is important to set out a schedule so you can count down the days into your event and be well prepared.

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Before you get started on writing a schedule, do some research on the competition you are registering for. Research what the judges look for and what events are entailed. This will help you to prepare for a fitness competition and achieve winning results!


Set out Your Schedule

Now that you have done your research and you understand the full nature of the competition, set out a schedule. Make sure your schedule includes exercises to reduce your fat stores and get shredded for competition day. Remember you registered for this event because this was your goal, so stay true to your schedule so you can pursue your goals!


Eat Lean and Clean

Lean abs are made in the kitchen so you if you want to get lean and see striations in your muscles, make sure you eat lean and clean. There is no cheating because you will be only cheating yourself. In order to ace your competition, you need to stay focused by eating vegetables and fruit. Get in the training zone so you can succeed in this competition.


Watch Your Carbohydrates

In order to lean down for your fitness competitions you need to limit your carbohydrates, especially after 4pm. Carbohydrates can cause bloating when eaten in excess or when eaten later in the day, so make sure you watch your carbs.


Get the Most Flattering Attire

If you have a swimsuit section, a talent section or any other event make sure you are prepared with the most flattering attire. You can seek out a mentor to help you in a fitness store or hire a coach to help guide you. Just make sure you are well prepared in the most flattering attire for your body. This can make the difference in winning and losing so make the right choice.


Seek out a Professional

Consider hiring a trainer or reaching out to a more experienced competitor in the industry to help guide you in the ins and outs of competing. If you are a novice, you will find this support to be invaluable. You can request a fitness and food plan to help you.. For example, eating asparagus helps lean you down before competition. Bet you did not know that! Little tips go a long way and will help you to perform your best. So do not be reluctant to seek a little bit of help!


Ready, Set, and Go

Fitness Competitions are filled with numerous competitive athletes that are all dedicated to this passion. Get in the competitor mode and have fun because today is going to be a great day! Just make sure you maintain good posture to reflect your confidence in the lean, sculpted body you have worked hard in training to attain.

Wishing you success in your fitness competition and whatever you do make sure you are well prepared. Do you have what it takes to compete?

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