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7 Things You Need to Know about Fitness ...

By Tara

Are there certain things you need to know about fitness? Things like what to wear, when to work out, what to eat and how much exercise do you really need? You feel like you need a manual as you just begin your exercise program because you just don’t know where to begin. If you feel this way, you are not alone. In fact, you are one of millions, eager to start exercising but uncertain where to begin. As a certified trainer, here are the things you need to know about fitness:

1 How do I Get Started?

Now that you have decided to get fit, what do you need to know about fitness to get started? Find the right environment, whether this is at a gym, in a studio or in your basement. Start out gradually for just 2-3 days for the first few weeks. If you ease into exercise you will make this a part of your lifestyle rather than a phase in your life. These are important things you need to know about fitness.

2 You Need Food and Fitness

You can exercise endless hours and still not achieve your desired results if you are not eating healthy. One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness world is that you can eat what you want when you are exercising often. Make sure to be mindful of the calories you are eating, and where these calories are coming from. All calories are not created equal, so focus on eating for health rather than just pleasure.

3 Dress for Comfort

There are many studies that prove you will perform at your best when wearing fitted clothing, however this does not work for everyone. Exercise in what is most comfortable for you. I usually prefer running in fitted clothing that is made of fabric that wicks away sweat when running outdoors. On a treadmill, I prefer to run in shorts and a sports bra. Find comfortable clothes for your workouts!

4 All Workouts Are Not Equal

To say all workouts are created equal would be a lie. Exercising for an hour a day of walking burns a lot less calories than an hour of high intensity exercise, actually almost half. So make sure you push yourself in some workouts and always make sure you finish your workouts covered in sweat!

5 Find the Best Time for Workouts

When starting out your exercise routine, find the best time with your schedule to exercise. Some people find the only time for their fitness is very early, while others exercise late at night. There is no optimal time for exercise, just make sure you find time.

6 You Can Fight Your Genetics

In fitness, there is no spot reduction or exercise you can do to just transform an area of your body, but this does not mean you cannot fight your own genetics. If a larger mid-section runs in your family, do not feel like you are doomed to have this for life. With cardio and eating healthy you can overcome your genetics and achieve the flat stomach you have always wanted!

7 It Will Not Always Be Fun

Another thing you should know about fitness is that it will not always be fun. If you are having fun, most of the time you are not working out. Each time you exercise, you have a choice to be comfortable or to be a champion and exercise at your hardest.

Now that you know all of this about fitness, are you ready to begin your fitness challenge? Wishing you great health and fitness!

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