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As a certified trainer to thousands of lives, I have compiled some global fitness tips that work to share with you. People across the world and from every country have different views in how they achieve great fitness results and I am going to reveal these tips to you. Since these tips are all different, I am leaving it up to you to find the fitness tips that work best for you.

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Use Your Bicycle as Transportation

Start using your bike to get to your destinations like work and running errands because this is one of the fitness tips that work. This is a great way to get your workout in easily. Dutch people use their bicycles whenever they can and they rarely use the car unless they have to. Try this in your own life and experience the difference in your body!


Walk It out

Stop using the car to get you here, there and everywhere, and start using your legs to get to your destination. In Italy, it is not uncommon to take a long lunch break to go for a walk or to walk everywhere. In fact, in Italy people only get in their car if they have to and their lean bodies prove this! Try walking when you can and notice the difference on the scale!


Go out to an Active Destination

In the United States, families often relax over the weekends or head to the park. But in Norway they make it an active day by hiking, skiing or another activity. Spend a weekend and focus on trying another activity to burn calories while enjoying something new like snowboarding or surfing!


Go on a Trail Walk

In Singapore, there are many roads made out of river rocks and it is not uncommon to see people walking barefoot. Walking barefoot can help you better your balance, coordination and build your core strength. Try walking barefoot on a safe trail and feel the difference. Just be safe and look before you step so you do not hurt yourself.


Dance It off

While we all often dance as part of our day at some point or another, in Cuba dancing is part of their daily tasks. People dance while they are cooking, cleaning and throughout the day. In Cuba dancing is more than a 30 minute Zumba class, it is a way of life. Dance your way through the day to burn more calories and have a great time doing it!


Get Outdoors and Use Your Resources

In China, aside from people living on plant based diets, exercise is part of their everyday life. In China there are many free fitness options like parks and trails. Create your own fitness success by heading to the local trails and working out. Life is what you make of it so utilize all the resources you can so that you can get your workout in!


Get Competitive

Join some competitive local teams so that you can get your workout in while pushing yourself and your teammates. This is a great way to get a workout in while socializing. In Venezuela, tennis, baseball and soccer play an integral role in culture. It is not surprising that this culture makes activity part of their everyday life and not just for fun but for competition.

Now that you know of the global fitness tips from around the world, tell me, what tips do you have and where do you reside? My tips are to eat clean, get moving with activity and live each day with health and fitness at the forefront. You only have one life so live it right!

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where did you get your certification from? I want to be a personal trainer as well some day...:)

Hey tara ma'am! Can you please suggest me some ways to get rid of my face fat!! Also i want toned arms.. Please do suggest some ways.... If your posting something on this or have posted kindly sent me a link to it..! I absolutly love ur tips...Cheers

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