7 Tips for Your Best Hiking Workout ...


7 Tips for Your Best Hiking Workout ...
7 Tips for Your Best Hiking Workout ...

Did you know a hiking workout can burn double the amount of calories you would burn on the sidewalk? You can burn up to 300 calories in a 45 minute challenging hike! And the more challenging the terrain, the more calories you burn, so put your body to the test on some great hiking trails. And aside from a great workout, hiking will help you get in touch with nature and alleviate stress. But what are the ways to intensify your workout so that it is more than a rocky trail walk in the great outdoors? If you go a longer distance, try more challenging trails, and pick up your pace; you can intensify your fitness session. So get ready to have you best hiking workout ever with these tips:

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Lengthen Your Hike

If you currently hike for 4 miles, bump up the duration. Go for a 6 mile hike to burn more calories and get in fat burning mode for longer time. This can boost your hiking workout and also help you lose weight!


Go for the Challenge

Tired of doing the same local trail? Head out to a different trail and challenge yourself. If you go for a challenging trail, you will find yourself completing a new accomplishment and getting a better workout. The more rocky the terrain, the better the core workout. A challenging trail is equivalent to doing several sets of crunches!


Fill Your Backpack

Pack a compass, a first aid kit, a water bottle, a piece of fruit, sunscreen and your cell phone for your hike. If you are prepared you will have a more comfortable hike and not have to worry about all the “what ifs”. Be proactive and pack the gear you may need so that you can have your best hiking workout.


Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water before and during your hike. Even in cool temperatures you can still become dehydrated if you do not drink plenty of water. If you stop sweating, you should be concerned because then you are not drinking enough. Fill 2-3 bottles of water and by the end of the hike they should be empty. So drink up!


Dress Appropriately

Wear cool light colored clothing so you are no uncomfortable. You can also wear a hat to protect your face from the sun to minimalize wrinkles that come from sun damage. A girl's gotta take care of her skin; she got it with her for life!


Pick up the Pace

To increase the calories burned, pick up your pace to increase your heart rate. Your hike should not be a leisurely stroll - it should be a workout. Push yourself so that you have a challenging hike with labored breathing!


Bring along a Partner

Share your love of hiking with a partner so that you can push each other, enjoy company, and make new memories, all while you get a super sweaty workout. Having a partner to hike with can also help the time go by quickly! So who will you bring with you along your next hike? Why not make a list of hikes you can conquer together?

Now that you have tips to boost your hiking workouts, are you ready for the challenge? Wherever you decide to go, make sure you push yourself to have your very best workout starting today!

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