9 Unusual Ways to Get Fit in 2014 ...


9 Unusual Ways to Get Fit in 2014 ...
9 Unusual Ways to Get Fit in 2014 ...

There are plenty of different ways to get fit; I'm talking about something other than going to the gym or running. If you're anything like me, the gym scares you and you find running a bit boring. So why not look for some new ways to get fit for 2014? Here are a few of my favorites that I'm dying to try out in the New Year.

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Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing or bouldering is a great way to get fit. Not only does it improve your core strength but it's also incredible for your upper body. If lean, toned arms are on your New Year wish list, then rock climbing could be for you! You'll usually learn as part of a group when you start, and can then sign up for sessions on your own. There's sure to be a center near you, making this one of the coolest ways to get fit in 2014.



Secretly, we all wish that we could kick ass like the heroines in our favorite films - ever wondered how Buffy The Vampire Slayer was so tough? Kickboxing is a great aerobic exercise that will not only teach you valuable self-defense skills, but will also provide you with a great workout.


Martial Arts

There are loads of different martial arts to choose from, whether you fancy karate or Taekwondo. You'll learn about self-discipline, the history of the martial art and some vital skills for fighting, and you could even become a master in your chosen specialism, with time and practice. This is a great, fun way to get fit.


Ice Skating

Ice skating is so much fun that it's hard to think of it as exercise, yet it's a great workout. It tones your bum, thighs and legs and will help you to stay strong and lean. Just a couple of hours a week will do wonders for your figure - take some friends along and turn it into a fun afternoon out!


Team Sports

If you enjoy playing sports as part of a team, this is a great way to get fit in 2014. From volleyball to hockey, team sports will get your blood pumping, raise your heart rate and challenge your competitive spirit; and you'll have a great time too!


Obstacle Courses

Obstacle course races are a fun way to get in a workout whilst climbing over and under obstacles such as walls, beams, wire and more. In London, they hold regular 'zombie runs' where you're chased by actors dressed as zombies. Not the most traditional way to exercise, but it's amazing how fast you can move when being chased by the undead! With or without zombies, obstacle courses are a whole lot more fun than an hour of cycling at the gym.


Bikram Yoga

Whether you're new to yoga or have tried it before, you should try Bikram Yoga. This takes place in a heated environment which is supposed to provide you with a more intense workout; you'll sweat as you work out, detoxing your body. It's quite a tiring experience and you'll really feel like you've worked hard, but it's also strangely addictive!



You can get a workout and do some good for your community by taking part in a volunteering project - whether that's building a house or other communal building or helping with land clearance or park maintenance. This is a great way to get some exercise and that feel-good factor that you get from giving something back. Good karma will definitely come your way!


Dance Your Heart out

A dance class is something different to your usual boring gym routine. You don't even have to take a class; just head out with your friends and enjoy dancing all night long! For the best possible workout, sign up for street or contemporary dance classes which will teach you the latest moves and have you twerking like a pro in no time!

Whatever you decide to do to get fit in the New Year, shake up your routine and try something new. Variety is the spice of life and you definitely ensure you add variety to your workouts. The same old routines can get boring quickly, so try some new activities and you might find something you really love! Rock climbing is next on my list and I'm already signed up for a session before Christmas! What unusual ways to get fit would you like to try in 2014?

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