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Get Slim with Squats Here's How to do Them Right ...

By Tara

If you have been running countless hours in hopes of thinner thighs and you're still not achieving your goal results, you may want to switch up your routine and do squats. Squats are an ultra-effective exercise to work your larger muscle groups and elevate your metabolic rate. When we think of slimming our body we think of cardio but squats can have you headed to the store to shop for a smaller size. Since squats are a compound exercise, they work several muscle groups at once rather than individually, resulting in building lean muscle mass. This lean muscle mass will help you to slim down from head to toe because this helps boosts your metabolism. Not convinced? Then check out my tips to perfect your form and help you can get slim with squats!

1 Weight in the Heels is the Proper Form for a Squat

To make the most out of your squat, focus on perfecting your form. So as you squat, imagine hovering over a toilet (I know, weird thought), but in this case you would put your weight on your heels and this can help you achieve some majorly amazing results.

2 Drop It Low so That You Can Really Feel the Burn

Now drop it low and get in a seated position. Imagine you are on a pretend seat and remember to keep the weight on your heels. If you drop it low, you will begin to feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Burn, baby, burn! Earning results sure does feel amazing!

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3 Keep Your Posture up to Avoid an Injury

As you drop it low into a squat, keep your back straight. Do not lean forward as this will hold you back from achieving optimal results and could also cause a lower back injury. Imagine an apple on your head and as you balance this apple, lower your body to a 90 degree bend.

4 Add a Calf Raise to Turn This Exercise into a Calorie Torcher

Now, to amplify the results and build even more lean muscle so that you can become a calorie burning furnace, add a calf raise to this exercise. Now repeat for 3 sets of 18. Feel the results you are working to earn? Super, then keep it up!

5 Stay Focused so That You Will Achieve Optimal Results

As you perform the squat, focus on the muscles that you are working and imagine the amazing total body results that you are working to achieve. Get in the exercise zone and imagine where you could be in several months - or, heck, several weeks - and stay focused. Studies show this can help you achieve the absolute best results.

6 Add a Jump to Burn Even More Calories

Take your squat to the next level by adding a jump. After you get all the way down into a squat, jump up and feel the burn in your legs and core. Core? Yep, just by adding a jump you are performing a plyometric exercise, which now adds strengthening of your core. And this will help you to burn even more calories. Now that is motivation!

7 Tighten Your Legs and Glutes to Achieve Amazing Results

Now tighten your legs and glutes to work your lower half and feel your body working to achieve total body results. Remember, you get out what you put in, so put all your energy into achieving amazing results and guess what? You will do it!

Now, with these tips to perfect your form, are you ready to squat yourself slim?

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