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Do you want to know how to get faster results from your workouts?

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Getting your work out plan right is not as easy as it may look when you are first starting out.

There are some things that you learn about your body and health as you go and other things you learn the hard way.

So if you are new to fitness but are finally ready to commit to a serious work out plan, here are a few basic dos and don'ts of working out to get you started.

To get fast results at the gym remember this - It's all about hard work and treating your body right!

1. Do Add Variety to Your Fitness Plan

Very often beginners tend to stick with one type of a workout, resulting in a very dull and repetitive time at the gym.

This constant repetition and lack of variety can quickly lead to loss of appeal and even aversion to exercising, which is why it is your first priority to keep things interesting!

Make working out fun and diverse by trying out different classes, running in the park, lifting weights, hiking or rock climbing.

2. Don't Forget to Stretch

At the start and end of any type of a work out, remember to stretch your muscles and warm up/ cool down your body.

People often see this step as optional and therefore skip it to save time and energy, but that can lead to serious physical injuries and inability to perform your best in a full range of motion.

And keep in mind stretching can also prevent you from feeling extremely sore the next day!

3. Do Tone Your Muscles

We all know cardio is a big part of working out especially for women.

We want to melt all the fat off and cardio is the optimal way of doing that!3

However avoid directing all of your focus on cardio and spend a few days a week toning your muscles!

I promise you, you'll see better results at a faster rate with this combination.

Don't Burn out
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