7 Plyometric Moves That Burn Major Calories ...


Did you know plyometric moves burn major calories and produce amazing results?

The crazy jumps or plyometrics, that you see the avid gym goers and just about every celebrity doing are more than just show because these moves can literally transform your body.

You can burn more calories when performing plyometrics and even burn more at rest.

And plyometrics do more than just mold a perfect body;

they also increase athletic performance.

So are you ready for some plyo work?

Then try out these plyometric moves to blast fat and feel great!

1. Jump Squat

Jump squats are one of the best plyometric moves to work your lower half, burn mega calories and blast away fat.

Just make sure to focus on form and put some power into your jump.

This move also targets your abs so get jumping!

And have some fun while you are at it!

2. Jump Lunge

Work the hip flexors, glutes and legs with the power packed moves of the jump lunge.

The jump lunge takes a great deal of strength to perform but the effort required is well worth it!

Perform 3 sets of 18 for optimal result!

3. Box Jumps

As seen in this video, box jumps take a great deal of lower body strength and proper form is key.

And you do not have to join a cross fit group to perform this.2

You can do this exercise in your home but once you master this exercise, you will see incredible results in your body.

So follow this video and learn this effective exercise.

You goal should be to work your way up to 3 sets of 12.

4. Tuck Jumps

Similar to jump squats, tuck jumps work your lower half and can have you looking sculpted in your skinny jeans in little time.

However when performing a tuck jump, you should jump higher and tuck your legs in.

Land softly as in the video.

Lateral Jumps
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