7 Hot Body Workouts for the New Year ...

Want to know the hot body workouts for the New Year? You know, the workouts that will give you the hot body you have always wanted without breaking your back or your budget. Most of these are simple exercises you can do in your home that require minimal or no equipment at all. And they do not require endless hours of effort to bring you your best body. So are you ready to get started? Then check out these hot body workouts to sizzle and smoke this New Year!

1. Dancing

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Dance your body into perfection by doing an online video like this one or following a program like Just Dance to get the best body and health this year. Just 4-6 days a week will whittle your body into shape and you will find yourself having a surge of energy! Dancing is one of the best hot body workouts for the New Year because you can get in shape and still have a blast!

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