7 Hot Body Workouts for the New Year ...


7 Hot Body Workouts for the New Year ...
7 Hot Body Workouts for the New Year ...

Want to know the hot body workouts for the New Year? You know, the workouts that will give you the hot body you have always wanted without breaking your back or your budget. Most of these are simple exercises you can do in your home that require minimal or no equipment at all. And they do not require endless hours of effort to bring you your best body. So are you ready to get started? Then check out these hot body workouts to sizzle and smoke this New Year!

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Dance your body into perfection by doing an online video like this one or following a program like Just Dance to get the best body and health this year. Just 4-6 days a week will whittle your body into shape and you will find yourself having a surge of energy! Dancing is one of the best hot body workouts for the New Year because you can get in shape and still have a blast!


Swing Dancing

You do not have to be a product of the 1920s to swing dance to a better body. Swing dancing is a great way to burn a lot of calories while having fun and forgetting you are even working out. This form of dance requires a partner so head to a local dance studio for lessons and who knows - if you are single, you may even meet a boyfriend out of this. Where do I sign up?


Interval Training

Static workouts where your heart rate stays the same are a thing of the past. For the New Year, the hot body workout that should be on your regimen is interval training. In interval training you will have elevated portions of your workout where you push to the extreme, then take a break and repeat. This will give your body the afterburn needed to elevate your metabolic rate.


Core Training

Thirty minutes of an ab workout at your local gym will do nothing more than disappoint. To get to the hard abs you are dying for, perform plyometrics and advanced abdominal exercises for the New Year. These exercises will have you seeing definition and feeling stronger in a short time, so get moving!



New Year’s resolution number one should be to run yourself to the best shape of your life. Forget all the ifs, ands or buts because running is one of the best calorie torching exercises that can help boost your confidence and lower your fat stores. So run your way into a sexier and healthier body for the New Year!



Want shoulders like Dara Torres? Well she did not just wake up with super defined shoulders, she worked for them through swimming. So head to your local indoor pool and start swimming laps to lean down and get in shape. If you've never tried swimming laps in your life, do not be discouraged! You can hire a swimming coach for a few lessons to help show you the ropes.


Resistance Training

Gone are the days of fear that resistance training will have you looking bulky and manly. If you perform the right exercises with cardio bursts, you will notice that resistance training can help you to break a weight loss plateau and lean down. Burn more calories at rest and look even sexier in your skinny jeans by integrating resistance training into your routine.

So are you ready to get in your best shape for the New Year? Then make sure you follow these hot body workouts and get working! Wishing you a happy, healthy and hot New Year!

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Hi! Running is actually good for your joints BUT you need to do it properly. I'm a runner, and the correct shoes for YOU (staff at a running speciality store will watch you run before recommending a shoe) - then NEVER try to do too much too soon -the biggest mistake if all :)

I like resistance training but also lifting weights 🏋️ lol

Running is horrible for pretty much all your bones and joints :/ I think the key is to switch up your workouts so you can walk properly in 40 years

Swimming is my favorite work out! But we do not have a in door pool, so have to wait till summer :(

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