7 Easy and Fun Exercises for Your Arms ...


If you want to avoid jiggly bat wings under your arms, itโ€™s as simple as including exercises for your arms in your workout routine.

Not only will they make you look better, but youโ€™ll find it so much easier to lift heavy groceries and heft your laundry basket down the stairs.

Do one set of 12 repetitions of each move a couple of times each week, adding sets as you get stronger.

Mix and match these exercises for your arms for a well-rounded workout youโ€™ll enjoy.2

1. Push Ups

Pushups are so easy to do that youโ€™ll find yourself looking forward to them and theyโ€™re one of the best exercises for your arms.

I love to do pushups while I watch my favorite television shows.

Start on your hands and knees, with your palms flat on the ground about shoulder width apart.

Bring your knees up so you are on your hands and toes.

If this is too hard, stay on your knees.

Slowly lower your chest down toward the floor by bending your elbows.

Hold the position for a second or two, and then press your body back to the starting position.

See โ€“ easy as pie!

2. Triceps Dips

Another great move to do while watching television: triceps dips. Squat down near your coffee table with your back facing the table. Place your hands flat on the surface of the table and slowly raise and lower your body by pressing up and down with your arms and bending and straightening your elbows at the same time. Youโ€™ll really feel this move in your upper arms, which tells you that itโ€™s working!

3. Biceps Curls

Biceps curls are easy and fun and you can do them virtually anywhere.

Stand with your feet a couple of inches apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing outward.

Bring the weights up toward your chest by bending your elbows.

Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position to finish one repetition.

I try to fit in a set of biceps curls while I wait for dinner to cook or while the kids are in the bathtub.

Bench Presses
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