7 Major Muscle Groups to Work out without Fail ...


7 Major Muscle Groups to Work out without Fail ...
7 Major Muscle Groups to Work out without Fail ...

As a fitness junkie, I know I started out missing major muscle groups to work out. I used to think, well I want abs, thinner thighs, and biceps, so I did exercises for those specific muscles. But I soon realized I was missing so many more muscle groups! I immediately started researching exercises for different muscles to work out more efficiently. Apart from all the obvious muscles like my thighs and arms, I’ve made a list of 7 major muscle groups to work out without fail!

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Chest The chest is one of the major muscle groups to work out that women tend to forget. Let me bust the myth that working out your chest will NOT result in flat boobs! It’s not the workouts, but the diets that tend to make women body builders have flat chests. Training your pecs will result in the fat under your breasts to be stronger, and can even boost up the girls to make them stand out a little more! Try dumbbell bench pressing, push-ups, and dumbbell flyes to start working out your chest.



Shoulders The shoulders are a major muscle group and they get no love. The shoulders provide a wide range of motion, therefore making it a complex muscle group. The shoulder muscles involve the area from your sternum, to the clavicle, to the deltoids on the shoulder, all the way to the rhomboid and trapezius muscles near the back of the neck! This is a pretty important muscle group, and can easily be worked on by doing shoulder presses, lateral raises, front raises, and arm circles.


Upper Back

Upper Back I started to realize that while I would work on my abs, legs, and biceps, but I hardly thought about my back. That is, until I wanted to feel good in a backless dress! It is a major muscle that I was completely missing. I started to add lat pull downs, dead lifts, and all the variations of rows (like bent over dumbbell rows, and seated cable rows). Include these into your routine, and you’ll have a sexy back in no time!


Lower Back

Lower Back Ah, the lower back. If you suffer from lower back pain like I do, this is one thing you’re always worried about. But if you exercise and stretch properly, you can relieve help that pain. Strike a pose, a yoga pose, that is! Cat-Cow Pose, Hip Bridge, Child’s Pose and Cobra can aid in strengthening your lower back. Do these when you wake up and right before bed. This is more about stretching and flexibility than heavy exercising.



Obliques Everyone wants a nice set of abs, but doing one hundred crunches isn’t going to cut it! Oblique muscles will tone and define your abs. Aside from your normal ab routine, add in side planks, Russian twists, bicycle crunches. Remember to do your cardio and eat a healthy diet to reveal all your hard work!



Hamstrings While hamstrings are included in many leg workouts, sometimes they get lost in the spotlight of the quads, or thigh muscles. Squats and dead lifts are compound exercises that include hamstrings but don't primarily focus on them. Incorporate more isolation exercises to really tone up those hamstrings. Lunges, one legged dead lifts, leg curls, and donkey kicks will help you lean out your hamstrings.



Calves Calves take up quite a bit of space on our lower body, and are sometimes neglected. Having powerful legs involves showing your calves some love. What so wonderful about the calf exercises are that they can be done virtually everywhere! Calf raises can be performed while you're waiting in line or standing up for long periods of time. It's so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it before!

In order to be efficient in your workouts, don’t forget about these major muscles! Since there’s no such thing as spot reduction, you must work out the entire body for the best results. Add in at least 3 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise into your routine. What are your favorite exercises to hit these muscle groups?

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