7 Major Muscle Groups to Work out without Fail ...

As a fitness junkie, I know I started out missing major muscle groups to work out. I used to think, well I want abs, thinner thighs, and biceps, so I did exercises for those specific muscles. But I soon realized I was missing so many more muscle groups! I immediately started researching exercises for different muscles to work out more efficiently. Apart from all the obvious muscles like my thighs and arms, I’ve made a list of 7 major muscle groups to work out without fail!

1. Chest

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The chest is one of the major muscle groups to work out that women tend to forget. Let me bust the myth that working out your chest will NOT result in flat boobs! It’s not the workouts, but the diets that tend to make women body builders have flat chests. Training your pecs will result in the fat under your breasts to be stronger, and can even boost up the girls to make them stand out a little more! Try dumbbell bench pressing, push-ups, and dumbbell flyes to start working out your chest.

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