7 Easy Yoga Poses to Get You Started ...


7 Easy Yoga Poses to Get You Started ...
7 Easy Yoga Poses to Get You Started ...

Easy yoga poses are the perfect way to get started toward a healthier lifestyle. In a season when most of our time is spent sitting indoors all bundled up eating rich and tasty food, some good stretching couldn’t hurt! Here are seven easy yoga poses to get you started.

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Table Pose

Table Pose Table pose is one of the easiest of easy yoga poses. Simply get to your hands and knees, much like how a baby crawls. Concentrate on keeping your back flat, like the top of a table. Feel free to move in this pose by swaying back and forth to loosen your hips. Take this pose up a level by adding Cat and Cow poses: lift the head and dip the stomach for cow, then lower the head and tail bone, rounding your back like a scared cat. That’s a great starting stretch!


Downward Dog

Downward Dog Perhaps the most common yoga pose, downward dog is also a pretty easy pose. From Table, curl your toes under and lift your bottom into the air. Concentrate on using your arms to press your torso toward your legs for a great stretch. Eventually, your aim is to lower your heels to the floor or yoga mat. Your upper and lower body muscle groups are working in tandem to keep you in an upside-down ‘V’ shape. This pose is easy, yes, but it really puts your whole body to work.


Crescent Pose

Crescent Pose Crescent pose is a great stretch for such a simple pose. To do a crescent pose on your left side, place your left foot near the front of the mat, then place your right foot two to three feet back on the mat, about a hip’s width apart from your left foot. Now, square your hips toward the front of your mat and lift both arms straight up into the air. To do a crescent pose on your right foot, just switch the position of your feet. Now we’re really getting warmed up!


Chair Pose

Chair Pose Chair pose is easy, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. It will really work out your legs and glutes’! First, place feet side by side with big toes touching. Squat down as if you’re going to sit into a chair. The lower your squat, the more you’ll be toning your lower muscles. Concentrate on trying your best to keep your back pretty straight and your core engaged. Your weight should be mostly in your heels. Lift both hands straight up into the air. You’re in chair pose!


Upward Dog

Upward Dog Kin to downward dog is upward dog. Start in pushup position. Drop through one push up. Next, lift your face toward the sky, pushing the chest forward with your arms. That’s it! You’re in upward dog, or ‘updog’ for short. For an extra nice neck stretch, look over either shoulder a few times.


Happy Baby

Happy Baby This pose is one of my favorites and it’s so simple to boot. Lay on your back, then lift both legs into the air. Bend your knees to 90 degree angles, separate your legs more than a hip’s width apart, then grab the outsides of your feet with your hands. So, you’ll grab your right foot with your right hand and your left foot with your left hand. The goal here is to stretch your shoulders and inner thigh muscles. You can also rock back and forth while in happy baby to gently massage your back.


Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose Finally, child’s pose. One of the most relaxing poses in all of yoga is also one of the easiest. Sit with your knees bent and legs tucked under you. Then lay down, allowing your stomach and chest to fall between your legs. Your big toes should touch. Your curled legs will create a sort of ‘V’ with your upper body lying in the middle. Stretch your arms gently out in front of you toward the front of your mat. This stretch isn’t intense; just concentrate on your breathing and relax.

Now you know seven great yoga poses that are simple enough to do every day. It’s a good way to get your breathing flowing and stretch your muscles nicely. Have you tried yoga lately? Or have you been a student of yoga for a while now? Do you have any favorite poses you’d like to share?

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