7 Invigorating and Fun Work out Options if You Don't Enjoy Running ...


7 Invigorating and Fun Work out Options if You Don't Enjoy Running ...
7 Invigorating and Fun Work out Options if You Don't Enjoy Running ...

While running may be the most popular form of cardiovascular activity, there are plenty of other fun work out options if you just don't love running. While running is amazing for your heart and muscles, long distance running and improper form can cause injury. It's also a little boring in my opinion! The most important thing to remember is that you should find something you love to do for exercise and stick to it! Below are some fun work out options you need to explore.

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WillPower & Grace®

This is by far one of my favorite fun work out options! It's intense, uplifting and rejuvenating all in one. Some gyms offer it as a group fitness class, but you can also buy the work out DVDs online. Basically, willPower & grace® - the willpower method, is a barefoot fitness class for all levels with progressive fitness goals. You literally strength train from head to toe, beginning with strong, flexible feet. Your feet need to be strong in order for your body to move properly and with grace. Repetitive movements at a cardio pace with perfect form until your muscles fail, is the premise of the class! Once I found it, I completely fell in love!



Barre3 is similar to willPower & grace® in that it involves strength training exercises that benefit your entire body in the way you move with ease. It differs in that you use a ballet barre and other workout tools during this workout method. Barre3 combines elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga to develop large muscle groups, core strength and posture improvement. I would love to try it out!



If you love the intensity of running but don't love running itself, then cycle is for you! I love group fitness, and spin class or cycling are the perfect options for motivating and sweat-inducing cardio activity. It's so good for your joints too, as it is very low impact.



Hiking is a great alternative to running because it raises your heart rate and tones your quads, hams and glutes just like running does. You can also choose the intensity of the hike as well as the company (or lack there of). The best part is that it's free! Remember to be careful hiking downhill which can be a strain on your knee joints.


Zumba Fitness

Zumba is more like a dance party than a work out! Every time I've seen people in Zumba class, it looks like people are salsa dancing. It's definitely not your average work out option because you don't even realize you're working out but instead are just having fun and feeling great. I'm not coordinated enough to try Zumba, but for those of you who love dancing, it's a definite must!



CrossFit is a program based on the intensity of functional movements. The purpose is high intensity over a short period of time in order to achieve fast physical and cardiovascular results. The continual change in movements constantly burns fat calories while building muscle: two components of lasting results. Some common movements include body weight movements, exercises with weights, running, and rope climbing.


Fitness Boot Camp

The intensity of fitness boot camp classes are undeniable. You begin with stretching and running, followed by polymeric workouts, push ups, sit up, sprints and other military-based training exercises. It follows the same intensity concept as CrossFit for maximum fitness results. I've taken one baby boot camp class and it was incredibly intense! It was so good though.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing fitness options out there if running just isn't your thing. If you do love to run, these options are also great as an addition to your routine for added strength training. What are some of your favorite ways to work out? Have you tried any of these methods listed above?

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Zumba is really fun, I wasn't old enough to take the class at my old gym but my mom bought me a Zumba wii game which has all the benefits of the class with added bonuses of customizing workouts and tracking your progress, I definitely recommend it :)

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